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    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 128 MB.

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Commercial brick cleaning: The finishing touch

Brick-Cleaning September 07, 2021

Building or renovating is a messy business. The bricklaying process, especially,
involves a large amount of cement. Excess cement can dry on the bricks. If these
markings aren’t cleaned after the build, your commercial building will look old, dirty
and unfinished.

Exterior bricks are the first element of your building people see, so you obviously
want them to look their best. This is why commercial brick cleaning is the finishing
touch to a renovation or build. Acid cleaning removes unsightly marks and staining
and leaves the outside of your building clean, bright and new.

What is commercial brick cleaning?

Brick washing or brick cleaning is the process of cleaning excess mortar, dust, residue
and other dirt off bricks once bricklaying is completed. It is one of the last stages of a
build or renovation and is best done as soon as possible (within 3-14 days) before the
mortar hardens.

Older commercial buildings also require brick cleaning. Exterior bricks are exposed to
elements such as water, dirt, moss and minerals. These cause stains and
discolourations such as efflorescence (white stains) or vanadium staining (green
tinge). They can make commercial buildings look weathered.

Cleaning bricks is part of the general upkeep of a commercial building. Commercial
buildings look substantially better after special cleaning services. The bricks of the
building look brighter and make the building look new again.

How does commercial brick cleaning work?

Bricklayers are required to clean bricks as they go, but the mortar will likely still stick.
If mortar residue dries, it is difficult to remove so cleaning commercial bricks require
an acid solution to soften the compound and high-pressure water to rinse the
material off.

As a high-pressure cleaning specialist, our commercial brick cleaning involves:

  • Matching brick type to cleaning method and solution
  • Applying acid mixture to the brick surface
  • Agitating mortar and residue with a scrubbing brush
  • Cleaning the brick surface with fresh water sprayed at high pressure

Do you need a professional to clean bricks?

Although building blogs give out DIY brick cleaning tips and amateur cleaning acids
are available at hardware stores, commercial brick cleaning is definitely a job for
professionals. It requires specialist skills, commercial cleaning equipment and safety
awareness. As mortar is hard to remove, harsh chemicals are required. Cleaning with
chemicals is dangerous and should be approached with care.

Bricks may look indestructible but they can be easily damaged. Cleaning bricks with
store-bought acid could stain the bricks. You will also need high-pressure water.
Professional commercial cleaners know the right distance and angle of the
high-pressure hose to use so they do not disintegrate the brick.

Professionals keep the following things in mind when commercial brick cleaning:

  • Different brick types will require specific cleaning
  • Various compounds e.g. mortar type may require alternative cleaning solution
    and techniques
  • Cleaning chemicals shouldn’t dry on the bricks
  • Water pressure will vary depending on brick type and markings

Kleenit provides commercial brick cleaning for buildings – large and small. Do you
need the finishing touch to your building? Get in touch with Kleenit to arrange an
obligation-free quote.

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