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    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 256 MB.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 256 MB.

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Surprising benefits of professional high pressure cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning November 11, 2019

Of the many home DIY jobs, high pressure cleaning looks deceptively simple. If you’re thinking of renting a high-pressure cleaner from the hardware store to give cleaning the patio a crack, there are actually many advantages of getting a professional hot water high pressure cleaning service such as Kleenit.

Hiring a basic DIY machine will likely set you back around $40-$50 a day, plus chemicals, the bond, garden-protection sheets, and whatever time it takes to actually collect it. But the real savings of hiring a professional pressure cleaning service comes from the time saved in actually doing the clean.

An entry-level cold water machine is going to be next to useless on greasy stains, such as those on a driveway or barbecue area. A single square metre can take multiple passes with a pressure cleaning wand without the right tools or detergents. There’s also a risk of damage cleaning around windows and stripping painted surfaces.

Depending on whether the surface is brick, concrete, tile, wood, or something else entirely, your pressure cleaning may require specialised processes and chemicals. All of these are built into the price when choosing a professional high-pressure cleaning service.

Lastly, pressure cleaning can be dangerous, especially on sloped surfaces such as a roof or driveway. Water, detergents and algae or moss make a DIY job at heights that much more dangerous.

How much does high pressure cleaning cost?

Simple high pressure cleaning on ground level starts at around $150 for 30 square metres; however, the price can vary with the scope of the square meterage, roof cleaning, or more difficult stain situations. For a more accurate estimate, arrange a free quote.

How does professional high pressure washers differ?

You’ll see that a Kleenit vehicle is fully equipped with custom, heavy-duty equipment. A heated water tank means it’s rare for us to need a home or business’ water.

The pressure sprayer machine is petrol driven, giving it more grunt. The Bar or Spitwater – the recommended machines used by Kleenit – are capable of outputting 5000psi through a focused jet wand. Its adjustable nozzles offer versatility for projects, along with the capability to mix detergents or spray sealants as and when they’re needed.

A professional high pressure cleaning service provider will also carry guards and tape to protect gardens, doors and windows, so they aren’t sprayed with dirt or water during the clean.

Why a professional will save you more in the long run

The Kleenit crew don’t just clean driveways, pool surrounds, pathways and patios – we can seal them too. The porous nature of many bricks and concrete means that unsealed hard surfaces soak up dirt and grime. But protecting your investment long term is easy.

Following a professional high pressure cleaning service, you may opt for driveway sealing, which will help mitigate further oil and grease staining. Sealing can also be carried out with coloured paint to give you exterior areas a fresh new look.

Whichever you choose, Kleenit’s full range of cleaning and sealing services means you’ll need high pressure cleaning much less frequently and keep your property looking it top shape!

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