Pool Area Sealing

Making your pool area stain and slip resistant


Your pool area is of equal importance as your patio area. It is a focal point of your outdoor area, and in order to look sharp, it needs to be kept as clean and sparkling as the pool itself!

Once Kleenit’s high pressure cleaning specialists, using their hot water and high pressure cleaning system, have expertly cleaned the paving around your pool, it can then be sealed.

Kleenit have a purpose-made sealer just for pool paving. This high quality, solvent based sealer is a penetrating sealer which means it soaks right into the heart of the paving and doesn’t create a slippery surface for wet feet, which can be a dangerous hazard around a pool.

pool area covered in green moss and black grime, state before Kleenit Group engages worksPool area professionally cleaned using pressure washing machinery , state after Kleenit Group performs a hot water pressure wash

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Plenty of reasons to relax by the pool

Sealing the paving or concrete around a pool can create a potential nightmare, particularly if the wrong type of sealer is applied.  A specific type of sealer must be used or the risk of inadvertently creating a nasty slip hazard is huge.

Applying a sealer creates a physical barrier between the substrate and the outside world. It is this barrier or membrane that prevents a substance from penetrating and thus causing a stain.

However, this membrane also prevents water from penetrating too. Water from splashing in the pool and water from wet feet can simply “pool” on the surface of the paving and can create a lethal slip hazard.

Kleenit have a specially designed sealer for exactly this scenario.

Once applied, our Kleenit sealer is almost invisible, and sits in the top layer of the substrate, not on it, therefore allowing the aggregate of the substrate to show through and allow an amount of slip resistance, while still creating a barrier to a stain. The sealer has been carefully designed using the very latest in sealer technology, and as a result is absorbed in a different manner than most conventional sealers.

Where can you find us?

Kleenit Group’s Pool Area Sealing services are available in:

New South Wales
Based in Sydney (NSW) and regularly servicing the metropolitan and regional areas, our technicians are on the road every day to quickly service every suburb around Sydney and most prominent regional areas.

Based in Perth, Western Australia since 1987, we have our Head Office in Kewdale and continually service the whole of Perth Metro area extending from Lancelin in the north to Midland in the east and Rockingham, Mandurah and even Busselton in the south.
Based in Melbourne and East Keilor, we have technicians covering all Melbourne Metropolitan suburbs, extending from Craigieburn in the north to Croydon in the east, Melton in the west and Rosebud to the south.
Based in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T.) regularly servicing clients from as far afield as Bathurst, Orange & Young in regional NSW, our technicians are on the road every day, and we can quickly service every suburb around the Canberra & the A.C.T.

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