Anti-Graffiti Coatings & Graffiti Prevention

Anti-graffiti coatings, an effective way to fight back vandalism.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings, the Solution to Graffiti Problems!

Good news is that graffiti is successfully controllable by using anti-graffiti coatings. Even though a graffiti coating does not prevent your property from vandalism, it can significantly reduce the costs associated with removing graffiti. Furthermore, the product itself is adamant, hard wearing and resistant to a broad range of chemicals.


Property owners and managers, councils, and business owners incur significant expenses or losses due to graffiti vandalism. These costs can be direct or non-direct such as periodical graffiti removal, property deterioration, area reputation or even customer loss due to the negative image that graffiti generates.


Certainly, costs can be reduced significantly by installing a graffiti coating.

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Nanotechnology has changed the rules of the Graffiti removal game

First of all, Nanotechnology has become a powerful ally in the war against graffiti and vandalism by providing long-term protection against graffiti to different surfaces, properties and assets


Also, a graffiti prevention strategy is easing up the graffiti removal process and therefore is successfully deterring graffiti vandals to strike areas protected with anti-graffiti coatings.


A Non-Sacrificial Anti-graffiti coating will guarantee a longer lifespan


Most noteworthy, if a particular wall, building or structure has been protected with a anti-graffiti paint, the surface will remain in a pristine condition even after graffiti removal.


Finally, anti-graffiti coatings are available in a whole variety of colours to suit just about any requirement. If you are after a paint that is see-through, you may want to choose a clear coating. This option may be useful for the protection of colour-bond fences, roller doors, or professional artwork and murals.

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Based in Sydney (NSW) and regularly servicing the metropolitan and regional areas, our technicians are on the road every day to quickly service every suburb around Sydney and most prominent regional areas.

Based in Perth, Western Australia since 1987, we have our Head Office in Kewdale and continually service the whole of Perth Metro area extending from Lancelin in the north to Midland in the east and Rockingham, Mandurah and even Busselton in the south.
Based in Melbourne and East Keilor, we have technicians covering all Melbourne Metropolitan suburbs, extending from Craigieburn in the north to Croydon in the east, Melton in the west and Rosebud to the south.
Based in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T.) regularly servicing clients from as far afield as Bathurst, Orange & Young in regional NSW, our technicians are on the road every day, and we can quickly service every suburb around the Canberra & the A.C.T.

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