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Line marking services by LinesOn™


We provide line marking services in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Gold Coast. Whether you are looking for car park line marking, walkway identification, stencilling or more then we have a range of services that you can choose from.


By utilising the latest line marking equipment and airless spraying technology, our experienced team of trained line markers plan, design and install line markings for your car park, pavement or factory floor. As a result, you will receive a professional service that will make the area safer for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Factory & Warehouse Line Marking

“Line Marking” is the term used to describe the installation of identifying or directional lines, often to a car park or factory floor, but also to a variety of other services too. Lines On is a leader in the Line Marking industry.

Line Marking

With many years of industry experience and a large team of trained line marking technicians across Australia, Lines On has the expertise necessary to provide a solution to any line marking needs.

Walkway Identification

Kleenit specialises in the application of factory floor line marking and walkway identification markings that ensure compliance with the latest WHS laws. This gives business owners peace of mind and helps create a safe working environment. Kleenit also uses …

Carpark Stencilling

Carpark Stencilling refers to the use of templates for creating specific marks or symbols on a parking lot and it is another service offered by Kleenit Group through its trademark LinesOn™.

Carpark Line Marking

Carpark Line marking an entire parking lot or building can be extremely challenging. Where should you put the lines? How many bays can fit? Is there enough room? Will all the bays be the same size? Kleenit is here…

WHS Line Marking (OH&S)

At Kleenit we are experts in the application of factory floor line marking and walkway identification markings that ensure compliance with the latest WHS laws and we use …


We are Experts in Marking Lines

LinesOn is a sub-brand of Kleenit group and has been a leader in the Line Marking industry since 2003. Initially started in Sydney, in time the business has expanded to deliver the same quality Line Marking services throughout Australia.


At LinesOn our reputation has been built on a commitment to meet a high standard of expertise. Furthermore, we are a company that continually strives for excellence and customer satisfaction. Through the use of only the best products and techniques, we ensure the service you receive is a good one.


LinesOn is a company with an extensive national network across Australia part of Kleenit Group. We have the staff, experience and resources to deliver Line Marking and stencilling services with outstanding quality. Our technicians are proficient at applying markings to warehouse floors and often install walkway identification markings, loading dock markings, and emergency exit markings.

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