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Brick cleaning, bore stain removal, building washing and more

Do you need outdoor cleaning services for your property or asset in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Canberra? Kleenit offers services such as timber deck cleaning, bore stain removal, brick cleaning, commercial gutter cleaning, customised cleaning and more.

Independent of your requirements, we will find a way or point you on the right direction so you can sort out your property related requirements. Just get in touch we are able and willing to help!

Customised Cleaning Services

We offer a variety of customised cleaning services, From domestic high pressure cleaning services for the outside of your home, driveway, patio or pool area, to commercial pressure cleaning of factory floors, roofs or entire building washing, or the application of epoxy floor coatings, anti-slip floors, or even safety lines marked in a warehouse to …

Timber Deck Cleaning

Don’t overlook that Wooden deck cleaning on your property, Australian conditions can rapidly deteriorate your timber deck and therefore decrease your property value, at Kleenit group we have the expertise and a group of highly qualified timber deck technicians to quickly bring these areas back in shape.

Bore Stain Removal

Don’t be alarmed, Kleenit have the answer! Our bore stain removal techniques involve the application of a specially formulated solution that when applied to an affected area, it dissolves the iron oxide (almost instantly). The area is then …

Brick Cleaning & Washing

Brick cleaning is the term commonly used in the construction industry to describe the process of removing mortar splashes and excess cement from bricks after the brick laying process has been …

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Let’s face it commercial gutter cleaning can be quite a hassle and a risk, at Kleenit we will clean gutters utilising a purpose made an attachment that fits the end of a telescopic lance that can extend up to 7 meters.


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