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Car Park Line Marking

Straightforward, straight talking, straight lines.

A good car park is all about careful planning. Kleenit will prepare a detailed, scaled plan for your car park line marking which will outline how many car bays your property can comfortably fit.
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Car park painting and more

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Acrod bays, stencils, arrow marking, bollards.

You’ve likely seen our work around restaurants, retail precincts and your local mall.

Utilising the latest line marking equipment and airless spraying technology, our experienced car park line marking team will plan, design and install line markings to your car park with flawless accuracy and focused on space efficiency.

Anywhere that has parking needs may also need more than bays, including traffic planning and clearway markings. If you need tyre-stops, arrows or bollards, Kleenit are the go-to team for professionally marked parking lots.


What’s the car park line marking cost?

It’s difficult to give a fixed price on a car park line marking due to the different techniques required, floor preparation, type of paint and colour to be used and quantity of bays required.

Our line marking specialists can give you a free estimate and provide advice on the best options to carry on your parking zones, cross hatching, fire lanes, no Parking zones, bull noses, Acrod bays and more!

Once a professional assessment of your project has been carried out we are able to provide you with competitive prices and outstanding quality of line marking, line re-marking or removal if that’s the case.

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Get car park line marking in locations right across NSW. The Kleenit crew have years of experience in residential and commercial line marking and are ready to complete your next job.


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Put an end to bad parking with line marking in Melbourne. With a crew of experienced professionals, we help Victorians avoid parking outrage with best practice car park line marking.


Looking for Brissy’s best in car park line marking? Kleenit began line marking in 2003 and customers have been lining up ever since. Find a service in Brisbane and Australia-wide.


Whether you work in government or commercial, Kleenit can help create perfect parking bays, bay marking and professional sporting courts. Get a quote to see your surfaces in a new light.


Line marking by South Australia’s most respected team is just a click away. Get a free, no obligation quote for line marking and other property maintenance services in your local area.


Meet the experts in commercial property services. Our teams work right across Tasmania and are highly experienced in high pressure cleaning, maintenance graffiti removal & prevention, and so much more.

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