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Special Cleaning Services

Do you need special cleaning services for a property or asset in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra? Kleenit provides special cleaning services such as biohazard cleaning, fire damage cleaning, flood damage cleaning, crime scene cleanup and meth screening.


When you experience damage to your home or office, it can be a very stressful time. You need a fast, reliable restoration solution that minimises costs and restores your property with minimal fuss as quickly as possible. Kleenit Special Cleaning Services guarantees to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


We have qualified technicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to remediate your specialist cleaning needs with services, such as:

Fire Damage Cleaning

It is essential that fire damage be cleaned up immediately as not only does it cause financial loss, but failure to do so can lead to further deterioration of buildings and equipment.

Flood Cleaning & Remediation

We are here for you; we now offer flood remediation. If you have a flooding emergency or have water damage of any kind, call Kleenit Restoration straight away for helpful advice and an immediate response from our experienced team.

Meth Cleaning & Remediation

Meth Lab contaminination is a phenomenon raising up in Australia, and it is affecting our communities and people’s health due to their high level of toxicity. Our meth cleaning experts are available to provide different solutions to remediate the leftovers of a drug Lab and safely clean up any location in Australia.

Bio-Hazard Cleaning

Bio-hazard cleaning, biological remediation, crime scene cleaning, are serious, dangerous and specialised activities that you do not want to address without the proper training and protective equipment or neither…

Property Meth screening

Do you know if your property has been used to host illegal activities? Our Property Meth Screening services will provide you with evidence and certainty on Clandestine drug laboratory and Meth abuse on your premises, Chemicals used in clandestine laboratories and resulting waste or residues can be toxic and harmful to human health.

Mould cleaning & Removal

At Kleenit Group, we have a specialised team that deals with bio-hazardous substances and provides long-term results when remediating mould problems.

Hoarding & squatters cleanup

Hoarding has become more common in recent times and causes serious health issues and misery for those affected. The accumulation of excess rubbish, food and waste leads to an unsafe environment for human habitation. A property that has not been cleaned or …

Forensic Cleaning & Crime Scene Cleanup

Forensic cleaning is one of those activities that require an expert hand, It is critical that any biohazards such as blood or other bodily fluids present at a crime scene are cleaned up as soon as possible to reduce the risk to others who may come into contact with the area.



We work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to restore any damage or threat to your home or property as quickly as possible.

Our Specialist team has completed World Class training with Interactive Training International, in conjunction with the Restoration Sciences Academy.

All our technicians are Police Cleared for your peace of mind.

We can even assist in the replacement of fixtures and fittings, including floor coverings, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries.

We have access to trusted and reliable tradesmen, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and painters, who can restore your home in no time.

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