Fire Damage Cleaning

Full support for distressing situations!


Our fire damage cleaning team is weel-prepared in dealing with the chaos and challenges left behind by a extinguished fire and provide you with the help yopu need remediating the situation.


The damage fires inflict on businesses and homes is often devastating and can leave your home or business premises unusable and uninhabitable for long periods of time.


The immediate visual damage caused by a fire can be distressing enough without the secondary effects such as soot odour, health problems and corrosion.



If you are experiencing or witnessing an emergency, DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF or OTHERS TO ANY UNNECESSARY RISK, and please contact immediately the relevant authorities by dialing 000 or your local poisons information centre.

Accredited supplier
Our specialist team has completed a world-class training program and have acquired the relevant accreditations to provide biohazard cleaning services that are compliant with the strictest regulations and requirements.
Priority Response
Our purpose is to provide timely support to remediate biological incidents 24/7; our bio-hazard remediation team has protocols to efficiently support you in case of an incident or an emergency within the Department of Health Guidelines.
Environmentally Compliant
Our procedures are aligned with ISO 14001 standards for decontamination, collection, and disposal of biological waste and are all under strict policies to minimise the risk of exposure or the effects on the environment.
Fully Insured
Insurance is a critical factor to consider when engaging in property maintenance and related jobs. Kleenit is a fully-insured team of professionals who are ready to work on your property under the most thorough standards and duty of care.
AS4801 OH&S Certified
Our approach to risk assessment is continuous and is based on a strong focus on duty of care. This means that we plan with safety in mind and that an assessment takes place at each of the sites where we work.
ISO 14001:2004 certified
Our organisation takes the environment seriously and acknowledges the importance of better practices and procedures. Kleenit group has been certified on ISO 14001: 2004, and this is proof of our commitment to the environment and sustainability of our planet.

Our Fire Damage Cleaning team in action

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What to expect?

It is essential that fire damage is cleaned up immediately as not only does it cause financial loss, but failure to do so can lead to further deterioration of buildings and equipment.


Kleenit Restoration has a dedicated team who can help to clean up the mess quickly and efficiently.


Kleenit Restoration carries out a full assessment of the damage, complete a report documenting their findings and then formulate a remediation plan following the requirements of your Insurance company.


We have access to trusted and skilled tradespeople if you need assistance to rectify any damage that has been caused so that you can return to healthy life without the hassle of finding the right person for the job.

Before and after Fire damage cleaning and remediation

Backed by our technology and 30 years of expertise, Kleenit Group provides cost-effective fire or smoke damage solutions for any property size to sort out the aftermatch of a fire or smoke related incident.

Smoke damaged wall prior to fire cleaning and remediation services by Kleenit groupSmoke marks removed from a wall, condition of the wall after fire damage cleaning has been performed
Smoke and Fire damage on a property prior to Kleenit fire damage cleaning servicesSmoke and Fire damage on a property after Kleenit group performed fire damage cleaning services and remediation

Service availability per location

Kleenit Group’s [show_title] services are available in:

New South Wales
Based in Sydney (NSW) and regularly servicing the metropolitan and regional areas, our technicians are on the road every day to quickly service every suburb around Sydney and most prominent regional areas.

Based in Perth, Western Australia since 1987, we have our Head Office in Kewdale and continually service the whole of Perth Metro area extending from Lancelin in the north to Midland in the east and Rockingham, Mandurah and even Busselton in the south.
Based in Melbourne and East Keilor, we have technicians covering all Melbourne Metropolitan suburbs, extending from Craigieburn in the north to Croydon in the east, Melton in the west and Rosebud to the south.
Based in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T.) regularly servicing clients from as far afield as Bathurst, Orange & Young in regional NSW, our technicians are on the road every day, and we can quickly service every suburb around the Canberra & the A.C.T.

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