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high pressure cleaning

Scott Sparkes’ top tips for becoming a Kleenit franchisee

Perth, Western Australia was just on the brink of its first Covid-19 lockdowns when Scott Sparkes began his Kleenit franchise in March 2020. Scott had been a private investigator for 35 years, but thankfully a few months prior his son had suggested he look at a Kleenit franchise. With the global pandemic causing overall uncertainty in every market, Kleenit’s services included many deemed essential in the state’s emergency planning.   Still, the jump to running a different business wasn’t immediate for Scott. He gave serious thought to the change; and did his due diligence. But the move into a new industry also required a leap of faith — which has paid dividends over the last four years. Scott’s Kleenit franchise, based in the Fremantle-to-City Beach area has become one of the most successful in the business’s history. An impressive feat, considering the minimum most Kleenit franchisees earn is around $100,000 a year.   Scott offers two main services to customers — Industrial Coatings and High-Pressure Cleaning — but does take on other Kleenit jobs where the opportunity arises. And being able to see opportunities, he says, is all part of being successful in a client-centric business like Kleenit   We ‘investigated’ what else makes Scott Sparkes’ Kleenit franchise work so well, sitting down for a chat over the 2023 holiday period — as busy a time as any for this hard-working hero of commercial asset maintenance. Take us through a typical day for you as a Kleenit franchisee. Scott: Some days I might look after one big project or 3-to-4 smaller jobs. Yesterday was pretty typical down at the ports. I hired a scissor lift on Saturday so it was available for Sunday. My wife and I started at 6:30 am to cordon off the areas. We did probably one-fifth of it all in the whole day; she was the spotter and I was up on the boom lift washing down the buildings.  After about eight or nine hours, we wrapped for the day, then returned the next morning to take the scissor lift and head to the next job.  I often have to start early to work outside of opening hours, where we might need to clean the footpaths and driveways and for safety reasons can’t have customers walking through all that. An important part of the job is having your paperwork for these big commercial jobs. Clients want to know you’ll do the job well, but also that you have all the safety stuff right — PPE, SWMS, insurances, rescue plans, tickets, MSDS for your chemicals  — on hand to show you’re going to do it the right way and have your bases covered. Sometimes you’ll need to do additional training before a job. Often sites will need you to undergo an induction, at least.  For example, one business I worked with yesterday required me to undergo a half-day workshop for using Elevated Work Platforms on their site. It was pretty basic stuff, but considering these can often be heavily regulated or secure areas, it’s important that all documentation is correct and procedures are followed.   A lot of keeping work flowing is also about seeing opportunities. Today I've removed some line-marking in a factory, but they've got painters in for a move-out refurb. I said, "We can do the paint. I could redo the floor, I've done the grinding — but we can also help clean the office." If you look for it there are opportunities for you and your family to be involved like that.   What makes your territory work so well for a Kleenit franchise?   Scott: Being on the coast has its advantages; the salt in the air tends to coat everything and needs to be washed at least bi-annually to mitigate corrosion. Being so close to large boat-building yards and maritime facilities is part of that. Of course, there are plenty of larger ‘prestige’ homes along WA’s coast that also reach out for the odd driveway, patio and pool-side paver clean. We still do some residential stuff, but I just don't do as much as I used to, it's more commercial now.  “I’d say 70% of my work comes from a core commercial client base.” I'd have a core of big organisations that I regularly deal with, pretty much ringing me daily. I'm busy now and I've been busy since I started. As long as you do the right thing, you're prompt, available and you don't make mistakes, that's always the key. On top of the pressure cleaning and industrial coating, I do a fair few oil spills as well; it's not my favourite but they can be quite lucrative. I keep myself fairly open. So, although I'm always busy, I can keep slotting new stuff in and get to it in a reasonable timeframe — so clients aren’t waiting weeks and weeks to get the job done. That's key for me to keep clients happy and be realistic with prices.   Tell us a bit about quoting for work.   Scott: The main thing about quoting is to be honest with yourself about what it will take to do the job. I don't really have a ‘system’ but I always work out a rough plan of how long it should take me. Generally speaking, 90% of the people will be fine with the price. No dramas.   The longer you do this, you get better and more realistic about how long it might take you to do it well; and how to value all those hours of improving your skills to do it faster or better than someone else.   A lot of my corporate clients now, they pretty much come to me with their own suggestion of rates. They’ve known me long enough to say, "Here's a purchase order for $500 for graffiti removal." It’s usually in the ballpark; we can always negotiate or sharpen the pencil. We’ve built enough rapport now where they’ll send us the work with a reasonable price-point and it takes the pressure off me.   Quotes won’t always win the work, and that’s okay. One service I offer is flake flooring installation. It’s a pretty intensive process that costs a bit — a fair few clients don’t end up going through with it on cost alone. But I’ve yet to do it for a client where we’ve gone ahead and they’re not gobsmacked by just how good the result is. They love it!    I’d say to any new franchisee: I guarantee you’ll get better at it. You’ll get training, but every time you quote you’ll be learning whether you’re underselling yourself or overvaluing the need for the service by the work you do.    Can you talk about a memorable moment with a particular client?   I don’t do them as often now, but I’ve worked on a few hoarder houses, where you might be up to your waist in burger wrappers and Uber Eats bags. Some at the bottom might have receipts showing they were bought seven or eight years ago and I’ve found uneaten burgers inside those bags that look brand new!   How do the Kleenit head office and general systems help your day-to-day operations?   Scott: There are so many ways, especially in connecting you with prospects. Kleenit uses SIMPRO Project Management Software to manage jobs coming through to franchisees and SWMS safety documentation. If you were to ‘go it alone’ I think the safety management stuff alone would be a real hurdle for someone without this model taking on the bigger jobs with bigger clients. There’s a little bit of a learning curve for SIMPRO at the start, like with any software. But it’s actually pretty intuitive and takes the pressure off wondering where you need to be, and which quotes need to go to who. It’s all there on the iPad when I need it. While some might go into business ‘out on their own’, with a franchise like Kleenit you feel supported on the journey. Yes, you’re responsible for doing the work well, and seeing more opportunities — but the organisation also markets us well so work is coming through pretty consistently. And once you have your first few recurring clients, and have a handle on the tools, it doesn’t seem quite so ‘scary’.   Do you have employees, subcontractors, or work solo?   Scott: When the job calls for it, there are a few people who I hire to subcontract, especially where there’s a tight timeframe. But most of the work I can manage on my own.  Unlike a lot of the guys, I didn’t come into this with a whole lot of trade skills, beyond some ability with home handiwork. I’ve done training and upskilled as I’ve gone along, as well as training two new employees in how to operate with Kleenit — but they’ve since moved on.   Like I mentioned before, with an EWP, I might need someone as a spotter on the ground to ensure if anything goes badly (such as a fall, injury or heart attack). I occasionally involve the family in the operations of the business; my son or wife might work as a spotter or to assist in equipment set-up for the day.   How do you manage the work-life balance?   Me? Not very well! And that’s my choice — I want to do the work that’s there. My family might say I work too much, but it’s a good reason to get out of bed each day.  It’s like when I was a private investigator: When the work comes in, you just keep going. If it keeps going, you keep working. It’s really up to you if you want the work. It’s also within your control to press pause for a couple of days to get some time away. At the end of the day, it’s your business. You represent the Kleenit brand, but your real ‘bosses’ are your customers and conscience. If you serve them well, I don’t see any reason why you won’t be successful.   What’s something people should consider before they start their Kleenit franchise?   Scott: You need to be motivated. You really will get out what you put in. And if you want to get a feel for it, get in touch and come work for me for a bit to see what it’s like. I'm 59, and I do start to feel it climbing onto boom lifts or walking on my knees to do the cutting-in for painting. But for someone in their thirties or forties, it's the perfect active and interesting job. Very different to sitting in my car all day as a PI, sedentary. As much as the work is very physical — and you have to be physically fit to work as much as I do — a big part of getting repeat clients and contracts is your attitude.  The techniques and processes can be learned. You’ll be taught really well on those and pick up more as you go. But if your attitude is poor; you cut corners, or you can’t have a bit of a chat with a client when they’re on-site, this probably isn’t right for you. One reason I get as much work as I do, I reckon, apart from doing the job the best I can — is I don't argue. If you're very aggressive, you can lose clients quite easily. You might think you've done the right thing but are told it’s unsatisfactory. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and rectify it. Everyone will be happier in the long run — including you when you get a referral or repeat work. For me, it’s not about the money as much as it’s about participating in the community, being useful to others, and being proud of a job well done.   I also think you've got to be cautious and conservative when taking on an unfamiliar job, but by the same token, you can't be shy. Lots of the people who are used to working for someone and the ‘guaranteed’ salary have a bit of a psychological roadblock to becoming their own boss; what it means to be a business owner.  It can seem like a big expense initially, but the work flows in. You don’t need a lot or a big expensive ute. I’ve just upgraded mine, but most people just need to start out with a pretty basic ute and it’s easy to get a hot water high-pressure system on the back. Invest back in your business as well. I always keep developing my equipment. I've got great hot water systems and big high-pressure units including backups. I'm surprised some of the guys don't invest enough more back in the business, which is maybe why they still take on mostly the smaller jobs.  You really only need to ask yourself: “Do I want to be in more control of where my life is going?” Some people can do all the research and still not press ‘go’ even if it all looks good. And don’t let the paperwork scare you. A leap of faith is what’s needed. And more than anything, it’s faith in yourself.   If like Scott, you want to run your own business and are thinking of investing in a franchise, get in touch with our Kleenit franchise team today.  

Domestic cleaning

Refresh, reorganise, renew: The power of spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is more than just tidying up your wardrobe Marie Kondo style, it's an opportunity to create a refreshed, rejuvenated and healthier space. While many spring cleaning tasks can be tackled on your own, Kleenit understands the power of deep cleaning with the latest expertise. We can identify overlooked areas during your spring cleaning to create a healthier and more comfortable living or working environment.   Skip into Spring Cleaning   A great way to kick off your spring cleaning is inside the house. Make sure to clean thoroughly behind all big appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, and washing machines for dust, dirt, and pet hair. Kleenit experts know how to keep your air quality top-notch by cleaning and inspecting air vents around your home.   Overhead lights, chandeliers, pendant fixtures and ceiling fans love to accumulate dust and cobwebs, spring cleaning always helps to let more light in.   Don’t Forget Outside!   Exterior house cleaning is essential to spring cleaning and Kleenit offers a huge range of services to revitalise the outside of your home or workplace. Pressure washing is an effective way to remove dirt, or mould from exterior walls.   Plus, Kleenit’s pressure washing is optimal for paver and driveway cleaning to remove dark oil stains. If you’ve been struck by a graffiti vandal Kleenit can help with graffiti removal, delivering a fresh, clean look for the outside of your home or workplace.   Spring Cleaning Safety   Spring cleaning in commercial spaces enhances workplace functionality. When cleaning commercial spaces, we ensure a safe, smooth and incident-free process to protect your employees, customers and visitors.   Proper Signage During spring cleaning, it's common for floors to be wet and slippery. To prevent slips and falls, we use caution signs easily visible to employees and visitors in areas being cleaned.   Handling Cleaning Chemicals Cleaning chemicals can pose health risks if mishandled. Kleenit experts are trained to use these chemicals safely with proper protective gear. Chemicals are then stored and disposed of correctly to prevent accidents.   Minimise Disruptions At Kleenit, we coordinate our cleaning schedules to minimise workplace disruptions with options for off-peak spring cleaning or when your commercial space is closed.   Ventilation Proper ventilation is crucial when using cleaning products. Kleenit will make sure there is adequate airflow to dissipate fumes and chemicals, reducing the risk of respiratory issues.   Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning   Not all cleaning is created equal. When spring cleaning this season know there is a significant difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning.   Regular cleaning involves daily or weekly upkeep, such as tidying, vacuuming, and wiping surfaces. It's vital for day-to-day cleanliness but often falls short when it comes to tackling hidden grime and dirt.   Deep cleaning is a comprehensive, top-to-bottom cleaning process addressing neglected areas. It targets spaces not typically cleaned during regular maintenance, such as behind appliances, inside cabinets, and beneath furniture. Deep cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy living environment and an ideal opportunity to rid your home of dust, pollen, and allergens.   Spring is the perfect time to schedule a deep clean. Kleenit’s deep cleaning expertise can significantly improve indoor air quality, reduce allergies and declutter your space so you can enjoy a refreshed living or workplace environment. With the Kleenit experts, you’ll be ready for entertaining throughout spring well into the Christmas season.   So what are you waiting for? Skip into spring cleaning with Kleenit today!   For more information contact the Kleenit team and receive a FREE quote.    

high pressure cleaning of outdoor porch

Enhance your selling potential with external house cleaning

Looking to put your property on the market? Give your home the best chance with a professional external house clean! First impressions count, and with over 30 years expertise, we understand external house cleaning is as important as internal cleaning when preparing to sell. The external appearance of your property plays a significant role in attracting top notch buyers, a fast sell and the best price possible. When people are searching for their new dream home, they want to feel their next purchase has been well-maintained and looked after. Our exterior house cleaners can transform your property, making it look as good as new, enticing new buyers before they even enter the house! Investing in professional exterior house washing saves time and allows you to focus on what’s important. Discover our huge range of external house cleaning services to revitalise your property! Pressure Cleaning You’ll be surprise by how much exterior house pressure cleaning will make a difference to your home. Our high-pressure cleaning blasts the dust and dirt off the walls, gutters and roof. Using a biodegradable alkaline detergent foam, we dislodge dirt and apply a specialised hose to pressure clean. This is best for outside wall, concrete, roof, tile, gutter and brick paver cleaning. We can also pressure clean your outdoor entertainment areas to give your home that extra sparkle! Patio cleaning and deck washing is a big part of bringing a home back to life. The Australian elements don’t help the aging of timber, but we can! We have a huge range of solutions to clean and seal your deck to not only make it look as good as new, but preserve its lifespan for the new buyer. Brick Cleaning Are you worried about marks or stains on your bricks before selling? We can remove the toughest of mortar splashes and excess cement with brick cleaning. Using acid, agitation and high-pressure water our team of skilled operators know what is required to get the best results from all brick types, even on the hardest compounds, removing the white or green tinge on bricks.   Bore Water Stain Removal Get rid of the rusty marks with our state of the art bore water stain removal technique. While bore water is an excellent source for irrigation in WA, the brown tinge can leave some rusty looking marks not ideal for attracting the right buyers. We use a specially formulated solution that dissolves the iron oxide on affected areas almost instantly!   Oil and Grease Stains As your potential new buyer enters your property, make sure the driveway looks fresh with our driveway stain removal solution. We are specialists in removing grease and oil from driveways and garages, plus, can seal these areas to prevent staining. We apply a detergent foam to break down the stains then blast the area with 3600psi of hot water. This method can also remove oil from concrete and brickwork. External house cleaning is essential when it comes to selling your property. An external house clean enhances the overall appearance of your property, making it more appealing to the right kind of buyers prepared to pay a premium for their favourite property. It can speed up the process, especially in a competitive market! At Kleenit we make sure our services are efficient, affordable, and convenient. Our team of experts are highly skilled to deliver top-notch results leaving your property looking as good as new.   Chat to one of our Kleenit advisors for a quote today and we’ll get the job done.  

High pressure cleaning on exterior house

Why every property owner should invest in high-pressure cleaning

Have you driven into your driveway and noticed multiple oil stains? Or had lunch on the patio and thought, 'the paving is looking a little rough?!' The exterior of your property is open to the elements. Moss grows between pavers. Dirt builds up on bricks, and decks become discoloured from water. It doesn't take long for your building to look unkempt. So now you're searching for ways to bring your property back to its former glory. Maybe you're thinking of doing a DIY cleaning job? Or wondering about professional pressure cleaning? If you want to maintain the exterior of your building, you've come to the right place. We'll walk you through high-pressure cleaning basics and give you the key benefits so you can make an informed decision.   What is high-pressure cleaning? High-pressure cleaning removes residues from exterior surfaces such as bricks, tiles, concrete, decks and walls with a high-pressure water stream. The professional high-pressure machine has a heated water tank and a focused jet, with an output pressure of 5000psi – 50 times stronger than a standard garden hose. The combination of commercial-grade detergent and the hose pressure dislodges hard-to-move dirt and breaks down stubborn grease. As a result, high-pressure cleaning keeps building exteriors in pristine condition.    What can high-pressure cleaning remove? It may seem like an investment, but exterior house washing and commercial high-pressure cleaning will save you money in the long run. How? Well, think about it. If you leave residue to build up and never remove it, your property will age faster, materials will break down, and you will need to replace them down the track. Renovations are more costly than maintenance, so booking services like deck maintenance will help you save money in the long term.  Minimises hazards and health concerns  Dilapidated buildings can house a host of hazards, including mould, dust and pollen. Mould is a particular issue, and its build-up can quickly become toxic, making your property a health hazard. If you have mould growing on the exterior of your building, it's best to get a professional to remove it. Professional moss removal cleaners use protective equipment to avoid breathing in dangerous spores.    Why not do a DIY high-pressure cleaning job? We wouldn't blame you for being tempted to do a DIY job – you can buy house high-pressure cleaning products at the hardware store, after all! But a DIY job is risky because retail cleaning products can damage porous surfaces and discolour painted walls. It's also easy to spray the dirt elsewhere, which is not ideal. Trained commercial cleaners know how to adjust cleaning methods for different surfaces, e.g. when doing oil stain removal from driveways they learn to soak the oil in hot water and alkaline detergent to avoid damage. Professional high-pressure cleaning is also stronger than store-bought hoses, and cleaners use biodegradable cleaning products that are gentle on your property. As a result, you end up with a quality clean without damage.    High-pressure cleaning services  Kleenit provides extensive high-pressure cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and beyond.  Services: Paver cleaning  Driveway Oil Stain Removal  Deck Maintenance  Patio Cleaning  Exterior House Cleaning  Building Washing  Driveway Cleaning  Concrete Cleaning  Moss Removal    Keen to high-pressure clean your property? Kleenit is known for its quality, safety and environmental certifications. Get a free quote today.  

graffiti wall

Anti-graffiti coating: Protecting your property against graffiti

Business owners and property managers can agree that dealing with graffiti is frustrating when it comes to building maintenance. And we’re not talking about cool street art on our alleyways; we’re talking about the ugly tags that cover buildings everywhere. Graffiti may not seem like a huge deal, but it can cause many problems. These are some of the reasons why graffiti should be dealt with quickly:  Certain tags can be offensive to the community   Graffiti can obscure branding and signage  Graffiti affects your building’s appeal Spray paints can damage exterior surfaces Tags attract copycats or “one-upping.” As pressure cleaning specialists and experts in graffiti removal, we’ve removed our fair share of ugly paint, and unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as water and soap or store-bought graffiti cleaner. The process requires a specially formulated stripping gell or spraypaint remover and high-pressure cleaning equipment to blast off the paint.  We now recommend properties invest in anti-graffiti coating. Anti-graffiti coating is like a special enamel that seals the paint on your building that repels liquids from the surface of your building (much like water runs off a leaf). It makes graffiti easy to clean and prevents long-term damage.   Benefits of anti-graffiti coating    Take a proactive approach to damage  We’re sure you have enough to do without cleaning your building every day. So how do you deal with graffiti, especially when you try to DIY graffiti removal yourself and overnight there’s a fresh batch ready and waiting for you? Anti-graffiti coating is a proactive approach to vandalism. By investing in protection, you can avoid having to get paint professionally removed repeatedly. It’s an easy fix because the pain will wash right off.  Reduce the cost of cleaning  If you’ve had to pay for graffiti removal a few times now, you’ll know the costs quickly add up. Anti-graffiti coating makes spray paint easy to remove, so you won’t have to invest in professional removal, reducing building maintenance costs. And you immediately remove graffiti, and vandalists will quickly get the picture that there’s no point messing with your building!  Maintain the look and brand of your building  We all judge buildings by their appearance, whether you’re conscious of it or not, and one of the unfortunate consequences of graffiti is its damage to your reputation. Graffiti makes your property look unkempt and neglected, which gives off a wrong impression. Not to mention ruin the branding you’ve invested in – we’ve all tried to decipher signs covered in spray paint! You can quickly remove spray paint with anti-graffiti coating to keep your property looking professional.  Deter other graffiti artists  Graffiti attracts more graffiti. The culture of graffiti artists is one of ownership, status and hierarchy. Taggers like to one-up each other by tagging on top of each other’s work. What does this mean for you? One tag on your building will attract more tags your building. The quicker you clean up the graffiti, the less chance you will attract more damage. Anti-graffiti coating means quick removal.  Avoids staining and long-term damage  Did you know spray paint can strip the colour of your building and cause long term damage? Certain paints can have a corrosive effect on surfaces. They can also leave stains or shadows even once removed. The permanent anti-graffiti coating prevents damage from vandalism and keeps your building looking in tip-top shape.    Are you sick of graffiti and want to make building maintenance less of a headache? Get a free anti-graffiti coating quote today.  


Mould at work: An OHS risk

Moulds, bacteria and viruses are everywhere — the air, on your skin, on your phone — though many are helpful within the broader ecosystem. For the most part, those with a healthy immune system can fight back against pathogens, but as we've seen with the spread of COVID-19, cleanliness is essential to maintaining community health. Moulds are one potential issue with ill effects on health which can also cause commercial building damage. Mould is an incredibly resilient life form. The fungi kingdom is ancient; these were among the first living things to exist on land. Flashback to 420 million years ago, and you'd find 6-metre tall fungi columns near freshwater sources. For millennia, the humble portobello's ancestors would slowly leach minerals from rocks and break them down in the process, creating the ideal positions for plants and animals to come millions of years later. Smaller fungi like the common mould you'll find on that old loaf of bread are still everywhere, including in your commercial building. The good news is, professional mould cleaners can easily remedy mould. Why is there mould in my commercial building?  Mould loves moist, humid environments, hence its prevalence in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. It also shows up where there are leaks in pipes or after flooding, where places such as the carpets' underside cannot properly dry. Poorly sealed concrete and damp earth below a building can also contribute to moisture and mould. Humans in an enclosed space also add to the moisture content through our respiration. You'll notice that clearly as your breath fogs up the windows of your car on a cold morning (at least until you blast the heater with the vent open). Lots of people equal lots of moisture. Some activities and manufacturing also create humidity, such as food preparation in commercial kitchens and restaurants, where it is imperative to avoid mould, which can cause food spoilage. Is black mould at work dangerous?  Stachybotrys chartarum has been linked to 'sick building syndrome', but that claim has not been widely backed up in scientific literature. Stachybotrys has been linked to an infant's death who had extraordinarily high exposure in the lungs. Mould is considered a health risk in severely water-damaged buildings, as some moulds can be a risk to asthmatics and those with allergies. One thing is clear though: mould has an unpleasant odour and is unsightly. Many moulds can stain surfaces permanently as it 'eats' through the material — just like its ancient cousin — and its prevalence can lead to product damage or inventory spoilage. DIY removing mould in a commercial building  We do not recommend DIY removal of large mould colonies, particularly if you suffer allergies or asthma. Heavy exposure to mould has been known to trigger a reaction in some people when precautions are not taken. A Kleenit mould removal professional will use PPE, including a particulate respirator, gloves and eye protection. Bleach and vinegar can kill the mould; however, vinegar is much more effective for removing mould from porous materials. Mixing the substances (or any substances) is not recommended. Even if the mould has been killed, getting rid of the stains left behind takes a lot of elbow grease. Many home remedies include a mix of salt and baking soda, which we've found to be minimally effective. Choosing a professional commercial mould removal service.  With Kleenit, a free initial inspection will include detailed findings and a recommended course of action to remove the mould. Following removal, we can also advise on mould prevention measures such as ventilation, sunlight entry, and ways to remove excess moisture from the affected area. We use commercial mould cleaning substances paired with hot water high-pressure cleaning — using steam and pressure to blast away the residue from tiles, grout, metal and paint. Occasionally, where mould has permeated a surface thoroughly, there will be a need to replace the gyprock or carpet, for example. A professional mould removal service such as Kleenit will bring their own water and cleaning agents and are covered by public liability insurance. A skilled professional reduces the chance of damage to a property and will save a commercial property owner time. After each mould cleaning removal, we also provide a certificate of compliance - so you can rest assured that the mould threat is gone. Get a free quote for commercial mould removal in Australia by contacting us today.


Forensic cleaning: When do I need to get the professionals involved?

Crime scene clean up, meth lab testing and remediation, forensic cleaning: unique challenges and tasks best left to the professionals. Property owners or family members may, unfortunately, find themselves in a situation where cleaning up after a crime has been committed or someone has passed away, is necessary. If you find yourself in a situation where you require professional and sensitive treatment of a crime or death scene, a forensic cleaning service is required to remediate the health risks and return the affected area to normal. What is forensic cleaning and when are professionals required? Forensic cleaning (or crime scene cleaning) refers to the process of assessing, cleaning, sanitising and removing toxins from the scene of a crime or a death. This type of cleaning requires a high level of discretion, professionalism and sensitivity, as it goes beyond just wiping surfaces. Violent crimes or deaths can often occur in people’s homes or properties and can cause overwhelming trauma when witnessed or when a loved one is involved. Forensic cleaning ensures the area is thoroughly cleaned, removing all health hazards, and allowing victims to begin to seek closure. What are the common issues that require forensic cleaning? Common issues that require a forensic cleaning service to be performed include: Crime scenes Meth testing and remediation Drug odours and traces Biohazards such as bacteria, viruses and mould Depending on the nature of the issue in question, as an illegal or dangerous activity may be involved, emergency services might need to attend and assess the scene before a forensic cleaning service is undertaken.  How long does it take to clean up and how much does it cost? The length of time and cost of a forensic cleanup will depend on the area in question. If the case is particularly bad, emergency services may be involved for a longer period, delaying the cleaning process. The nature of forensic cleaning also demands a very extensive and unscrupulous level of attention, so a specialist cleaning company may take up to 48 hours to clean the entirety of the crime scene. Can I DIY clean forensic stains? It is highly recommended that you do not try to clean a crime scene without the help of an expert, and in some cases, it is illegal to do so on your own. The process of removing and cleaning up debris such as blood, drugs and chemicals can also be very dangerous if not performed with the necessary protective equipment and can lead to infection. So it’s best to find a reputable specialist cleaning company to do the job, but only once emergency services have attended the scene. When it comes to forensic cleaning, leave it to the professionals. Kleenit is a forensic cleaning company that will respond to emergencies immediately, with the sensitivity and professionalism required in such situations. Book in a professional forensic cleaning service with Kleenit. We offer our services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth.  Kleenit also offers a range of other special cleaning services in Australia, such as environmental cleaning and disinfection and commercial mould removal. Get in touch with Kleenit today for a free quote.

High Pressure Cleaning

Surprising benefits of professional high pressure cleaning

Of the many home DIY jobs, high pressure cleaning looks deceptively simple. If you’re thinking of renting a high-pressure cleaner from the hardware store to give cleaning the patio a crack, there are actually many advantages of getting a professional hot water high pressure cleaning service such as Kleenit. Hiring a basic DIY machine will likely set you back around $40-$50 a day, plus chemicals, the bond, garden-protection sheets, and whatever time it takes to actually collect it. But the real savings of hiring a professional pressure cleaning service comes from the time saved in actually doing the clean. An entry-level cold water machine is going to be next to useless on greasy stains, such as those on a driveway or barbecue area. A single square metre can take multiple passes with a pressure cleaning wand without the right tools or detergents. There’s also a risk of damage cleaning around windows and stripping painted surfaces. Depending on whether the surface is brick, concrete, tile, wood, or something else entirely, your pressure cleaning may require specialised processes and chemicals. All of these are built into the price when choosing a professional high-pressure cleaning service. Lastly, pressure cleaning can be dangerous, especially on sloped surfaces such as a roof or driveway. Water, detergents and algae or moss make a DIY job at heights that much more dangerous. How much does high pressure cleaning cost? Simple high pressure cleaning on ground level starts at around $150 for 30 square metres; however, the price can vary with the scope of the square meterage, roof cleaning, or more difficult stain situations. For a more accurate estimate, arrange a free quote. How does professional high pressure washers differ? You’ll see that a Kleenit vehicle is fully equipped with custom, heavy-duty equipment. A heated water tank means it’s rare for us to need a home or business’ water. The pressure sprayer machine is petrol driven, giving it more grunt. The Bar or Spitwater – the recommended machines used by Kleenit – are capable of outputting 5000psi through a focused jet wand. Its adjustable nozzles offer versatility for projects, along with the capability to mix detergents or spray sealants as and when they’re needed. A professional high pressure cleaning service provider will also carry guards and tape to protect gardens, doors and windows, so they aren’t sprayed with dirt or water during the clean. Why a professional will save you more in the long run The Kleenit crew don’t just clean driveways, pool surrounds, pathways and patios - we can seal them too. The porous nature of many bricks and concrete means that unsealed hard surfaces soak up dirt and grime. But protecting your investment long term is easy. Following a professional high pressure cleaning service, you may opt for driveway sealing, which will help mitigate further oil and grease staining. Sealing can also be carried out with coloured paint to give you exterior areas a fresh new look. Whichever you choose, Kleenit’s full range of cleaning and sealing services means you’ll need high pressure cleaning much less frequently and keep your property looking it top shape!

Driveway Cleaning

4 reasons to high-pressure driveway cleaning

Without a doubt, one of our favourite jobs here at Kleenit is a request for a super-clean, just-like-new driveway. Whether it’s made of brick, pavers, concrete or something else, we have the high-pressure cleaning experience, equipment and ability to get that driveway looking like it’s just been laid. But why bother ordering us for driveway cleaning? Is it really that important? Is it worth the time and money? Street appeal is your property mojo Did you know that a huge factor when assessing the value of a home is how it looks from the front? That’s because when you’re selling, many people will be instantly turned off by something as unsightly as an old driveway. On the other hand, it could be one of the ‘first impressions’ that means love at first sight and gets you the house price you’re looking for. Let's talk about safety Something else you might not know is that it’s not just dirt that is making your driveway look dirty. It’s also mould, mildew and even algae – and do you know what happens when these microorganisms get wet? That’s right, they get slippery. And whether it’s your kids, your grandparents or yourself, you don’t particularly want accidents on a driveway greased with oil, fungus and moss, do you? Cleaner driveways mean healthier homes It’s also important to point out that all that dirt, mould, mildew and algae can even be a health risk. The most common health problems caused by this combination are respiratory in nature – and if it’s all over your driveway, chances are it will be all over your shoes… and all over your carpet. So just like you get your carpet professionally cleaned once in a while, it’s also really important to organise some driveway cleaning now and then. Property preservation and longevity Just like you clean your car to look after the paint job, the same is true of your driveway. Your home is your most valuable asset, and a properly looked after driveway will simply last decades and decades before needing to be completely re-done. Further preservation of your driveway can be obtained by applying a sealing or coating, creating a barrier that will keep your homefront in pristine condition and easier to maintain

Pressure Cleaning

What are the dangers of pressure cleaning?

Highly effective, potentially dangerous High-pressure cleaners are highly efficient at cleaning and removing stains from driveways to bricks. Anything from oil stain or paint removal, to gutter and roof cleaning jobs, can benefit from a high- pressure cleaning service. Pressure cleaners are versatile and offer a great range of solutions for both home and business cleaning tasks. While it’s feasible to buy or hire a high-pressure water cleaner system for your cleaning tasks, it’s good to remember that the cleaning system is, in fact, dangerous when not used correctly, or used by someone inexperienced. There are many dangers of using high-pressure cleaners when you haven’t previously received safety training in how to use high-pressure tools. It’s best to take the risk seriously and enlist the help of a professional to get the job done in a safe and effective manner. Risks are for real Pressure washers use either a gas hose or electric motor to boost water pressure anywhere from 30 to 80 times higher than a normal washer. That’s one powerful cleaner. While extremely good at making cleaning tasks a breeze, you need to consider possible risks when using a pressure system. Potential damage can range from bruises to laceration, skin damage, and eye damage when the spray is misdirected. Thousands of people are admitted to hospital each year as a result of pressure water usage – a shocking statistic considering that the majority of these injuries could have been avoided by appropriate training or use of professional services. Potential injury risk can even range as far as electrocution. When customers don’t take the risk seriously, or treat these tools as toys, accidents are bound to occur. Safe to say, it’s best to hire a professional for high-pressure cleaning services. When selecting a company for your high-pressure cleaning job, what you want to look for is a reputable company that is both reliable and highly experienced in these tasks. Kleenit is a highly experienced company with a variety of cleaning solutions to suit your needs. When you’re in need of a high-quality pressure cleaning service, give Kleenit a call today to discuss your cleaning job.