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    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 128 MB.

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Anti-graffiti coating: Protecting your property against graffiti

graffiti wall June 07, 2022

Business owners and property managers can agree that dealing with graffiti is frustrating when it comes to building maintenance. And we’re not talking about cool street art on our alleyways; we’re talking about the ugly tags that cover buildings everywhere.

Graffiti may not seem like a huge deal, but it can cause many problems. These are some of the reasons why graffiti should be dealt with quickly: 

  • Certain tags can be offensive to the community  
  • Graffiti can obscure branding and signage 
  • Graffiti affects your building’s appeal
  • Spray paints can damage exterior surfaces
  • Tags attract copycats or “one-upping.”

As pressure cleaning specialists and experts in graffiti removal, we’ve removed our fair share of ugly paint, and unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as water and soap or store-bought graffiti cleaner. The process requires a specially formulated stripping gell or spraypaint remover and high-pressure cleaning equipment to blast off the paint. 

We now recommend properties invest in anti-graffiti coating. Anti-graffiti coating is like a special enamel that seals the paint on your building that repels liquids from the surface of your building (much like water runs off a leaf). It makes graffiti easy to clean and prevents long-term damage.


Benefits of anti-graffiti coating 


Take a proactive approach to damage 

We’re sure you have enough to do without cleaning your building every day. So how do you deal with graffiti, especially when you try to DIY graffiti removal yourself and overnight there’s a fresh batch ready and waiting for you? Anti-graffiti coating is a proactive approach to vandalism. By investing in protection, you can avoid having to get paint professionally removed repeatedly. It’s an easy fix because the pain will wash right off. 

Reduce the cost of cleaning 

If you’ve had to pay for graffiti removal a few times now, you’ll know the costs quickly add up. Anti-graffiti coating makes spray paint easy to remove, so you won’t have to invest in professional removal, reducing building maintenance costs. And you immediately remove graffiti, and vandalists will quickly get the picture that there’s no point messing with your building! 

Maintain the look and brand of your building 

We all judge buildings by their appearance, whether you’re conscious of it or not, and one of the unfortunate consequences of graffiti is its damage to your reputation. Graffiti makes your property look unkempt and neglected, which gives off a wrong impression. Not to mention ruin the branding you’ve invested in – we’ve all tried to decipher signs covered in spray paint! You can quickly remove spray paint with anti-graffiti coating to keep your property looking professional. 

Deter other graffiti artists 

Graffiti attracts more graffiti. The culture of graffiti artists is one of ownership, status and hierarchy. Taggers like to one-up each other by tagging on top of each other’s work. What does this mean for you? One tag on your building will attract more tags your building. The quicker you clean up the graffiti, the less chance you will attract more damage. Anti-graffiti coating means quick removal. 

Avoids staining and long-term damage 

Did you know spray paint can strip the colour of your building and cause long term damage? Certain paints can have a corrosive effect on surfaces. They can also leave stains or shadows even once removed. The permanent anti-graffiti coating prevents damage from vandalism and keeps your building looking in tip-top shape. 


Are you sick of graffiti and want to make building maintenance less of a headache? Get a free anti-graffiti coating quote today.