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Fire Damage

Remediation of fire and smoke damage

Even a small fire can have drastic consequences for a building. Removing smoke stains, odours, and chemical cleanup from a fire extinguisher are all best left to the experts.
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We’ll get the green stuff gone!

Even if there has been no structural damage, smoke residue can permeate surfaces – a problem that causes more than an unpleasant odour; it could be potentially harmful or carcinogenic.

Substances such as plastic, fabric and chemicals can all contaminate an area. If the fire is the result of a clandestine meth lab, there are additional precautions to take in the remediation process. Read about meth lab cleaning.

Remove soot and smoke from walls.

The Kleenit crew has the skills for fire and smoke damage remediation. We can remove black marks from walls.

If water has been used on the fire (ie: from the fire department), there may be additional cleaning services required, as well as the replacement of carpet and mould-prevention treatments.

Kleenit is also able to project manage the remediation process, working with carpet and floor installers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters and all other trades.

Will fire damage concrete?

Concrete walls can generally withstand up to four hours of extreme fire pressure. At high localised temperatures, however, fire can often heat and expand concrete unevenly, causing cracks and structural weakening. In extreme cases, such as when steel-reinforced concrete is used, concrete can explode.

While there may only appear to be superficial damage to concrete following a small fire, the building will need to be inspected by a structural engineer.

In many cases, fire damage and smoke damage will be covered in a home or business insurance policy. Check with your insurer if they have a preferred provider (it could be us!). A quote for remediation can be provided fast, to help you get your life and business back on track sooner.

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