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Anti Graffiti Coatings

Prevent repeated graffiti attacks with anti graffiti coatings.

Councils and businesses across Australia rely on Kleenit for fast and effective graffiti removal and graffiti prevention.
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Anti Graffiti Paint

Easy Graffiti Prevention

With a selection of anti graffiti coatings available through Kleenit, there’s sure to be one that suits your application. Clear and coloured hydrophobic coatings prevent the penetration of paint for easy graffiti removal.


Nanotech Anti Graffiti Coating

Nanotechnology has become a powerful ally in the war against graffiti and vandalism by providing long-term resistance against graffiti to different surfaces, properties and assets.

Quick to apply and cost effective, the ability to quickly remove graffiti without the need for a sacrificial coating will further deter graffiti vandals from striking vulnerable areas.

If a particular wall, building or structure has been protected with anti graffiti paint, the surface will remain in pristine condition even after graffiti removal – often only requiring high pressure cleaning with water and detergent.

Protection to suit your project

Anti graffiti coatings are available in a variety of colours to suit just about any requirement. Transparent coatings are a perfect option and can be useful for the protection of colour-bond fences, roller doors, or professional artwork and murals.


How anti graffiti paint works

Advances in nanotechnology in the last few years have allows us to create coatings that are hydrophobic. Once applied and dry the tightly-aligned chemical bonds repel liquids such as paint. Similar in appearance to a gloss paint or enamel, anti graffiti paint creates a barrier on porous surfaces, helping prevent staining from paints and dyes.

Much like the quicksilver-like appearance of water on some types of leaves (known as ‘the lotus effect’) the low surface energy of the nano-bonds cause many liquids to form a sphere, reducing the chance for adhesion.

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Graffiti removal in Sydney and right across NSW. The Kleenit crew have years of experience in graffiti cleaning and prevention, and are ready to quote for your next job right now.


Need graffiti removal in Perth? Kleenit’s range of services include commercial graffiti removal and strippmg old, faded paint from public buildings with our efficient wet spray method.


Melbourne has a reputation for street art, but when vandals tag private or public property, turn to Kleenit. Melbourne’s graffiti removal specialists help restore and protect buildings from paint damage.


Looking for graffiti removal in Brisbane? Kleenit has more than 30 years of experience in commercial property maintenance including graffiti prevention. Find a service in your area.


We clean it all. Kleenit graffiti removalists are trusted across Canberra and the country by government, commercial and private property owners. Get a quote and clean up with Kleenit.


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Meet the experts in graffiti removal services. Our teams work right across Tasmania and are highly experienced in high pressure cleaning, property maintenance and so much more.

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