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Driveway Oil Stain Removal

From driveway to garage floor to your barbeque areas

Cold water cleaning won’t cut it. Kleenit is the specialist in getting rid of grease and oil from driveways and other hard surfaces. Better yet: we can help seal your driving areas to prevent staining.
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How to remove oil stains from driveway

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Oil stain removal process

Conventional cleaning methods are not able to deliver a satisfactory result. The porous nature of many concrete and stone driveways mean that a soaking and hot-water and alkaline detergent process is required.

To properly clean a driveway, we apply a detergent foam. Once this has soaked in and broken down the stains, we blast the area with 3600 psi of hot water using the Whirlaway cleaning attachment to minimise mess.

Don’t risk DIY pressure cleaning on your driveway or garage floor. The Kleenit crew are oil stain removal specialists operating across Australia, providing oil stain removal from concrete, brickwork and garage floors.


Commercial Oil Stain Removal

Concrete driveways and floors can present a challenge for grease removal, especially if they were not originally sealed correctly.

Pavers and concrete substrates are porous and easily draw the oil down into them, making it very difficult to remove using conventional cleaning methods.

Kleenit has the experience, the equipment, and the chemical understanding required even if you have no idea how to remove oil stains from pavers. We’re also able to prevent further staining with floor coating options for garages and driveways.

Some stains will have chemically-bonded within the stone causing permanent staining. In cases where pressure cleaning alone will not suffice, Kleenit specialists can offer driveway painting and sealing to refresh your look.

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Find driveway oil stain removal in Sydney. Kleenit helps return your property to its former glory with a professional maintenance and repair team. Sealing, polishing and painting are also available.


Find the best driveway oil stain removal in Perth and locations right across WA. Kleenit have years of experience in residential and commercial projects and are ready to quote for your next job right now.


We provide cleaning for stone, paver and concrete surfaces. Kleenit driveway oil stain removal is available from Melbourne to Geelong and beyond. Find a local Kleenit team in your area.


With a full range of indoor and outdoor treatments, including driveway oil stain removal Queenslanders can quickly improve the look and value of their premises.


Looking for a driveway oil stain removal specialist in ACT? Kleenit has more than 30 years of experience in flooring, pressure cleaning and commercial property maintenance.


Driveway oil stain removal by South Australia’s’ most respected team is just a click away. Get a free, no obligation quote for property maintenance services in your local area.


Meet the experts in commercial property services. Our teams work right across Tasmania and are highly experienced in high pressure cleaning, maintenance graffiti removal & prevention, and so much more.

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