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Concrete Stripping and Sealing

Restoring hard floors with professional concrete sealing

Protect your concrete floors for the long-run with professional concrete stripping and sealing. 
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Hardwearing protection for high traffic areas.

Concrete sealing protection of floors is an art, especially on those heavy traffic areas where a sealing could wear or peel faster than expected. But there is much more than meets the eye and applying a floor sealing is more than just a “painting a floor.”

Kleenit are trained in the application of specialty floors, and with 30+ years of experience, you’ve come to the right place!

More than a surface-level job.

Preparation is critical for a longer floor-sealing-lifespan; bad “bonding” may result in common defects such as peeling, discolouration or worn areas.

Sealing of floors is as good as the preparation underneath, a floor showing signs of delamination or a sealing being worn will require an expert approach to guarantee proper remediation and longer lifespan.

Results and durability may vary depending on the stripping chemicals and coatings, floor condition, consideration for drying times, moisture and temperature.

At Kleenit Group we have the expertise, manpower and equipment necessary to advise you on best practices and deliver the best strip and sealing every time.

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