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Warehouse and Factory Floor Coatings

Get experienced factory floor coating with Kleenit

Slip-free, line marking, epoxy factory floor coating - you only need one provider. Kleenit are the experts in industrial floors.
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Factory floor sealing before & after

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Warehouse floor paint projects with minimum disruption

The application of a floor coating on large areas requires the expertise of a professional who understands the nature and potential problems of every surface prior to application.

Kleenit floor coating and protective coating experts have a floor paint or epoxy flooring for practically every situation and surface, including: anti graffiti paint for indoor walls; painting on concrete driveways; protection with anti slip floor coatings and complete factory floor coatings.

Large factory floor sealing jobs are a big responsibility; trust the experts.


Our factory floor sealing process

Before factory floor sealing, a surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned and free from grease. The cleaning process will generally involve high-pressure cleaning or even acid etching.

The floor coating is then generally applied in two stages: a primer first, followed by various coats of the final product.

Strict recoat times are all critical to achieving a perfect result coupled with drying times.

Factory floor sealing and more

Whether you’re looking for anti-slip coatings, professional high-pressure cleaning, factory floors and coatings, epoxy floors, graffiti removal, line marking, biohazard remediation, or just having your driveway cleaned, we are the complete solution for your requirements and we “get the job done!”

Overall, if you’re looking for an efficient service with 30+ years of experience, you have come to the right place!


Work that ticks all the boxes

Insurance is a critical factor to consider when engaging in property repair and related jobs. Kleenit is a fully-insured team of professionals who are ready to work on your property under the most thorough standards and duty of care.

Kleenit are proud of our ISO 9001:2008 certification on our Management System. As a result, we ensure to engage in work, based on standard processes and procedures, that will deliver a flawless quality.

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Our locations


Need factory floor sealing in Sydney? Kleenit’s range of services include line marking, graffiti cleaning and epoxy floor coating for commercial and residential locations across NSW.


Factory floor sealing by Western Australia’s most respected team is just a click away. Get a free, no obligation quote for property maintenance services in your local area. Franchise areas available.


With a full range of indoor and outdoor treatments, including warehouse concrete flooring, Melbourne businesses can improve the look and value of their commercial premises.


We provide stain and spill protection for stone, paver and concrete surfaces. Kleenit factory floor sealing is trusted by commercial, government and private property owners across Qld.


Looking for a factory floor sealing specialist in Brisbane? Kleenit has more than 30 years of experience in flooring, pressure cleaning and commercial property maintenance.


Find the best factory floor sealing in Adelaide and locations right across SA. Kleenit have years of experience in residential and commercial projects and are ready to quote for your next job right now.


Meet the experts in commercial property services. Our teams work right across Tasmania and are highly experienced in factory floor coating, both interior and exterior. Make an appointment today.

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