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Non Slip Flooring

Keep your people safe by installing permanent non slip flooring

Cover your liabilities with an anti slip floor coating for wet and other potentially dangerous areas, installed by Kleenit.
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Work safely with non slip flooring

Do you know your industry-mandated anti-slip rating?

Slips and falls are one of the top causes of workplace accidents and lawsuits in Australia. Signage for wet areas may not be enough to prevent injuries. National WHS guides promote mitigating the risks of slippery and wet areas by installing non slip flooring or an anti-slip floor covering.

The installation of an anti-slip coating should be carried out by a professional to further reduce potential liabilities and prevent injuries from high traffic slippery surfaces.


How does anti slip flooring work?

Kleenit’s anti slip flooring treatments involve the addition of treads, granules, flakes or beads to a floor coating system. The anti-slip coating creates a surface that is roughened in texture and is less likely to cause a trip hazard in a building, factory, warehouse or poolside.

We regularly install non-slip industrial and epoxy flooring for commercial areas, first cleaning the surfaces then applying a heavy duty adhesive. Our protective coatings mitigate the risks associated with slip/fall injuries in wet, greasy or otherwise dangerous areas.


Anti slip floor coatings to Australian Standards

You may be shocked to know how many tiled or concrete surfaces do not meet Australian basic standards for anti slip floor requirements. If you carry on a business – in retail, food service, health, manufacturing, an office, anything – it’s important to know that your flooring meets Australian standards.

Kleenit specialises in anti slip floor coatings for industrial environments and commercial flooring treatments.

We also deliver custom jobs such as mechanical garage floor coatings, shop flooring, concrete sealer and concrete resurfacing.

Maintenance that ticks all the boxes

Insurance is a critical factor to consider when engaging in property maintenance and related jobs. Kleenit is a fully-insured team of professionals who are ready to work on your property under the most thorough standards and duty of care.

Kleenit are proud of our ISO 9001:2008 certification on our Management System. As a result, we ensure to engage in work, based on standard processes and procedures, that will deliver a flawless quality.


Recognised non slip installers

For safety and longevity, anti slip floor coatings should only be applied by competent, suitably qualified personnel. Kleenit ensures the proper preparation of surfaces before applying the sealer and substrate pack.

Choosing the right type, size, and makeup of floor grip granules, along with the method of application, are critical to achieving the final (R) rating of the floor. With Kleenit, you’re assured of meeting the WHS requirements to pass a mandatory friction or pendulum slip test.

Our experienced team of anti-slip flooring specialists will guide through the whole process of installing a resin non-slip coating or product, from diagnostic to SA 4663:2013 (R) compliance and further yearly maintenance.

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Need a non slip floor in Sydney? Kleenit’s range of services include line marking, graffiti cleaning and epoxy floor coating for commercial and residential locations across NSW.


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With a full range of indoor and outdoor floor coatings, including non slip flooring we help Victorians improve the look and value of their commercial or residential properties.


Kleenit provides stain and spill protection for stone, paver and concrete surfaces. Kleenit anti slip floor coating is trusted by commercial, government and private property owners across the ACT.


Looking for a non slip specialist in Brisbane? Kleenit has more than 30 years of experience in flooring, pressure cleaning and commercial property maintenance. Find a service in your area.


Find the finest anti slip flooring in Adelaide and locations right across SA. We have years of experience in residential and commercial projects and are ready to quote for your next job right now.


Meet the experts in commercial property services. Our teams work right across Tasmania are highly experienced in anti slip floor coating, both interior and exterior. Make an appointment today.

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