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Meth House Cleaning

Keeping the community safe from clandestine labs

Sadly, with an ice epidemic across many parts of Australia, professional meth screening and clean up are now essential as a property owner, landlord, buyer or prospective tenant.
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Meth remediation services

Suspected meth production?

Act fast and alert the authorities. Clandestine meth manufacture is often given away by complaints of chemical odors or a smell akin to ‘cat urine’. The danger isn’t gone after a lab has moved on, however.

We are able to provide property owners or managers with meth screening techniques and professional methods to either identify meth-related activity. Kleenit can also certify your property is a safe environment following meth remediation.

***If you suspect a meth lab DO NOT EXPOSE yourself or others TO ANY UNNECESSARY RISK, and please contact immediately the relevant authorities by dialling 000 or your local poisons information centre.***


Health and duty of care

The production, smoke and abuse of crystal meth (Ice) and meth powder both leave behind toxic and dangerous residues on properties. The chemical residues of this illicit drug settle on walls, ceilings, floors, and other hard surfaces, as well as being absorbed into carpets, sofas, and other soft furnishings.

Dangerous chemicals produced in the manufacture and smoking of methamphetamine are a major public concern and a health hazard.

Government and law enforcement advice is that when decontaminating meth house or lab situations it must be remediated professionally prior to leasing, occupying or selling a house or other property.

Meth lab cleaning process

Meth labs found in Australia are on the rise. Unfortunately, impromptu, untrained and inexperienced meth lab cleaning companies are also increasing. It’s important owners understand that choosing a company which ignores correct procedures may pose a threat to or liability from future tenants. At Kleenit we have ISO standardised processes and we are compliant current legislation.


Meth house cleaning cost and clearance

Clean up costs of a clandestine drug lab depend on many factors, including property size, type and levels of harmful chemicals, processes involved. These costs are calculated by our specialists after a thorough assessment of the premises.

Property meth clearance certificates are an excellent way to assure prospective tenants, investors or buyers of a safe environment to live or invest. With unknown chemicals, crystal meth manufacture in your property could be even more harmful than any pest or asbestos.

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