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Paint Removal

Get rid of paint stains and spills with the Kleenit crew.

Whether you’re looking for graffiti or to undo bad paintwork, we have the expertise and high quality products to get the job done.
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Kleenit paint removal

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Strip surfaces back to base

Paint removal or getting rid of paint spills can be a tricky DIY job. We’ve seen too many amateur efforts make things worse. Different paint removal processes will vary depending on chemical dilution, type of surface and the paint’s penetration through surface pores.

Kleenit relies on high-quality paint removal products and professional high-pressure cleaning techniques to leave our clients with a prime surface to work from.


How does paint removal work?

The process of paint removal involves the application of our specially formulated “stripping gel”. Unlike other paint strippers, this gel sticks to the wall and doesn’t run down like conventional paint stripper.

In a short amount of time, the paint will soften and bubble, a reaction of the paint surface being forced to expand by the gel (like wrinkled fingertips in the bath are from the skin absorbing water). Once the blistering occurs, our high-pressure cleaning equipment is used to blast off the paint from the surface below.


Anti graffiti repainting options

Want your property free from graffiti or other paint damage? Kleenit also offers anti graffiti coatings in a range of paint colours (as well as clear), to deter paint-can vandals from marking up your newly cleaned surface.

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Our locations


Graffiti removal in Sydney and right across NSW. The Kleenit crew have years of experience in graffiti cleaning and prevention, and are ready to quote for your next job right now.


Need graffiti removal in Perth? Kleenit’s range of services include commercial graffiti removal and strippmg old, faded paint from public buildings with our efficient wet spray method.


Melbourne has a reputation for street art, but when vandals tag private or public property, turn to Kleenit. Melbourne’s graffiti removal specialists help restore and protect buildings from paint damage.


Looking for graffiti removal in Brisbane? Kleenit has more than 30 years of experience in commercial property maintenance including graffiti prevention. Find a service in your area.


We clean it all. Kleenit graffiti removalists are trusted across Canberra and the country by government, commercial and private property owners. Get a quote and clean up with Kleenit.


Graffiti removal treatments by South Australia’s most respected team is just a click away. Get a free, no obligation quote for property maintenance services in your local area.


Meet the experts in graffiti removal services. Our teams work right across Tasmania and are highly experienced in high pressure cleaning, property maintenance and so much more.

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