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Mould Removal

Industry-recognised experts in mould removal

The growth of mould has potentially harmful effects on health and can lead to life-threatening respiratory problems such as Asthma.
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Why commercial mould cleaning?

The formation of mould is usually caused by water leaks, humidity or flooded areas that have not dried completely. Warm, wet and humid areas are where mould flourishes and mould cleaning services are required.

Mould grows almost everywhere and particularly where moisture is present, representing a serious hazard for people’s health.

Our certified and industry-recognised mould cleaning experts, will assess the situation carefully and plan a remediation process.


How we carry out mould removal

Kleenit uses moisture meters to identify the root cause and excess of moisture in walls, floors and ceilings, in order to reduce indoor humidity.

Once the root cause is identified, we’ll employ specialist drying equipment to wipe ceilings, floors or walls, as well as mild chemical treatments to kill existing mould preventing further spread.

We’ll further remediate excess moisture by instigating a plan that includes drying and removal of water-damaged material and limiting future mould growth.

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Meet the experts in commercial property services. Our teams work right across Tasmania and are highly experienced in high pressure cleaning, maintenance graffiti removal & prevention, and so much more.

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While long term damp and water damage can lead to mould – most cleaners and sprays won’t get to the root cause. In many cases the contamination goes far beyond what is visible.We’ll be in touch with you within 24-hours to confirm your quote.