​Get rid of graffiti the easy way

With a rapid-response Kleenit crew

Act quickly to discourage vandals

Graffiti not only looks unsightly, if left untreated it quickly attracts even more graffiti and can lead to escalated antisocial behaviour in the vicinity.


If you want to beat graffiti vandals at their own game, the best way is to remove their handiwork as soon as possible. Graffiti artists thrive on an audience for their work; and without one, they will soon move on elsewhere, Therefore, depriving them of an audience will unavoidably result in a costly exercise for any vandal and a waste of their spray paint.


​​​Kleenit graffiti crews can respond rapidly to your graffiti-covered property and restore it to its original condition. So read on to see how the professionals tackle a problem that costs Australia around $1.5 billion a year.

Kleenit groups' graffiti removal technician applying a solvent over a graffiti prior to being cleaned

The right solvent for every surface.

Every graffitied surface needs a different treatment. Porous surfaces – like brick or unsealed concrete – rapidly absorb inks and paints so they are much harder to treat, especially if the graffiti has been there for some time.


Your Kleenit crew carries a range of specialist chemicals and solvents which work by dissolving the graffiti so the surface can then be pressure cleaned and restored.


We have milder, slow-acting solvents which can be used on signs or decorated areas without damaging the original surface; and strong acting, harsher solvents which work well on tougher substrates like brick or render.


​As some of these chemicals are necessarily potent, we make sure that strict safety procedures are followed at all times – to protect both our crews and the people in and around your property.

Remove graffiti from Trains, planes and automobiles.

The more daring and adventurous graffiti vandals are attracted to trains, trucks and buses.


In just a few minutes, they can cause thousands of dollars of damage to expensive equipment and put vehicles out of service. We have the experience, portfolio and equipment to tackle these tough jobs and get your vehicles back on the road – or rails- as soon as possible.

Avis rental truck painted all over with graffiti and prior to being removed
Men in blue working suit, performs the grinding of a wall to remove enamel paint form concrete, kleenit provides this and other alternatives to strip walls from stubborn paint

The rough with the smooth.

Graffiti vandals don’t care what they use as their canvas. We can remove graffiti from almost anywhere including brick, concrete, render, Colorbond, glass, wood, steel, plastic and stone.


Kleenit is the preferred graffiti removal contractor for many shopping centres, commercial property managers, schools, councils and local government departments.


We also do residential graffiti removal if your local taggers have used your fence as a billboard.

​Protect yourself with anti-graffiti coatings

If your property has been the victim of a graffiti attack then we recommend you consider an anti-graffiti coating to make future cleanups quicker, easier and cheaper.


Sacrificial and Non-Sacrificial coatings and tough, two-part epoxy coatings are available in a wide range of colours and offer long-lasting protection against defacement.


We can advise you on which treatment is best for you – and then apply protection to your property.

Couple of Graffiti remediation experts spraying an high-quality anti-graffiti coating over a dark wall
A man in a dark hood uses a spray paint bottle to paint a graffiti on a brick wall, suggesting vanadlism, Kleenit offers a series of solutions to get rid of repeating graffiti offences and vandalism

We hate graffiti as much as you do.

At Kleenit, we’ve been waging war on graffiti for over 30 years and have the equipment, manpower and materials to remove any graffiti from anywhere. We’re also the anti-graffiti coating experts using the very latest techniques using nanotechnology and materials approved by the relevant authorities.


​If your civil project or building needs cleaning, overpainting or protecting, then call the industry experts for advice and an obligation-free quote in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra

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