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Top marks for car parks, factories, warehouse and more

Compliant line marking – Keep within the lines of the law.

Whether you’re marking a thousand bays in a car park or indicating a factory floor walkway, there are dozens of rules and regulations that apply. If you have plenty of time on your hands, you can read the relevant Australian Standards. But it’s probably easier to leave it to Kleenit.


Our professional line markers will make sure everything is up to standard and complies with the relevant legislation including disabled parking bays.


We provide high quality Line Marking for Heliports, Car park surface and lane markings, Traffic Marking, ACROD (disability) line Marking and more…

Line marking painting operation

Pick your line marking paint.

Line marking paint comes in two basic types. Water-based paints are an economical option for low-traffic areas but for high-traffic or industrial applications, we recommend a tougher, solvent-based paint. We can also supply and apply durable chlorinated rubber-based paints.


Typically, line markings last between two and five years before they need repainting. If yours just need a touch up, we can do that too.

Hey, That’s my parking spot!?

We don’t only do lines. We do letters, stencilling, numbers, arrows and symbols too. So if you need parking bays clearly allocated to their commercial owners or apartment numbers, it’s all part of the service.


We can even stencil paint your company logo to clearly mark your spot

letter marking over concrete
Large carpark professionally painted with yellow and white safety lines part of a large warehouse

Parking lots are our favourite blank canvas.

The question we’re most often asked is ‘How many cars can I fit in this car park?’ The answer, of course, depends on many factors including the width of the bays, how close together the rows are and how accessible the entrances and exits are.


Sound complicated? It’s easy when you know how. All we need is a copy of your plans and we do the calculations for you.

Stick to the trick and Keep concrete clean.

Paint doesn’t adhere well to dirty, wet or greasy surfaces. So the first thing we do is make sure the bitumen or concrete we’re going to paint is spotlessly clean.


Depending on the job, this might involve high-pressure cleaning, acid etching or even diamond grinding. Our line markers have all the gear and all the experience

A man in protective suit and yellow gumboots performs a concrete pressure washing job and removes green moss from a grey hard floor
WHS Line marking on a concrete polished floor, yellow lines and green pathways define the walking pathway for staff on what appears to be a workshop

Washable walkways, and durable line marks.

In heavy duty industrial applications, the floors can take a real beating from vehicles, oily boots and all sorts of chemicals.


Because it’s important to keep your walkways clean for safety’s sake, our paints are not only durable, they’re easily cleaned.

Top line marking Afterhours We get busy when you’re quiet.

During regular business hours, your car park or factory is going to be busy. And we hate trying to squeeze our line marking machines between parked cars.


So we prefer to work when your premises are quietest. That can be during the day for an apartment block, or at night for a retail park. Whatever’s best for you suits us.

After hours line marking
Man marking out a line for a car space with white paint

Call in the line marking experts.

Kleenit’s line markers can tackle any job, big or small. Anything from a few parking bays in an apartment block through to major retail developments, service station forecourts and multistorey carparks.

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