Graffiti Solutions

Remove Graffiti or protect your property and assets from vandalism

Graffiti Solutions: Graffiti removal, cleaning & Vandalism prevention

Are you looking for graffiti solutions for a property or asset in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Canberra? Whether you need graffiti removal services or graffiti prevention services, we have a range of options that will suit your needs.

Graffiti Removal

Removing Graffiti from a vandalised property or asset can be quite a challenge, as different surfaces and different types of graffiti react in a unique way.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings & Graffiti Prevention

Property owners and managers, councils, and business owners incur significant expenses or losses due to graffiti vandalism, these include …

Paint Removal & Paint Stripping

Do you need any type of paint removed from a floor, or need it removed from a wall so it can be rendered? At Kleenit Group we have …

Paint Matching System

Mobile Paint Matching enables an extraordinary increase in our daily productivity and efficiency. The system provides an unparalleled accuracy of paint matching. Paint is applied via a HVLP spray system and dries to a seamless …

Graffiti Patrol

What if someone just could take care of the Graffiti problem for you? Meet your Graffiti Patrol; Property owners, managers, councils, and business owners incur significant expenses or losses due to graffiti vandalism, these include …

Report Graffiti

Any person can report graffiti on a public or private property or asset; If you have relevant information that could help to identify graffiti offenders, contact us we are glad to provide you with free advice!

Graffiti Cleaning

Not every graffiti can be successfully cleaned, but indeed every graffiti can be removed, regardless of the surface it has been painted on our team is ready to help you out!


Graffiti solutions for your property

Has your property been vandalised?

During 30 years in the industry at Kleenit we have developed a set of Graffiti Solutions to sort out most of the common problems related to vandalism and the deterioration caused by this phenomenon.

From once off graffiti removal to periodical graffiti patrolling, vandalism prevention and graffiti remediation, we are your one-stop shop and the solve all of your graffiti-related problems.

By using the latest protective coatings, state of the art equipment and certified procedures we ensure a quality finish every time. There isn’t one chemical or method that fits all, but we will find a solution that fits your needs!

Whether it is for a vehicle, a train, a wall, a fence, a traffic sign or even a whole school complex, Kleenit will tick all the boxes. No job is too large or small for us!

We cover all areas and will provide before and after photos for quality assurance of our range of graffiti solutions.


Kleenit have now been leaders in the graffiti removal and prevention field for almost 30 years. As a result, our time in the industry has granted us a comprehensive knowledge base on graffiti and its prevention. All of our operators are highly trained and recognise that different surfaces and graffiti materials may require different removal techniques. Whether it may spray paint, enamel paint or markers, Kleenit has the means to remove it!

Talk to a Graffiti Solutions Specialist and get a free quote or assesment today!

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