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Before and after our Bore Stain Removal Services

Bore stain removal requires different treatments depending on the type of stain and surface, let us help you get rid of the annoying marks and allow us to bring your property back to life.

Bore stained signage before Kleenit intervention using high pressure and bore stain removal methods, a dark red stain covers the signage in full making it difficult to readBore stain cleaned thoroughly by Kleenit Group after high pressure wash has been performed, the signage is easy to read and recover its original color
Bore water stain on a brick wall making the area look dark red, state prior to Kleenit Group interventionBore water stain cleaned by Kleenit group
bore stain on a brick wall before Kleenit group bore water stain cleaning servicesbore stain removed by Kleenit group from a brick wall after applying a hot pressure wash

How to remove Bore water stains?

Don’t be alarmed, Kleenit have the answer! Our bore stain removal techniques involve the application of a specially formulated solution that when applied to an affected area, it dissolves the iron oxide (almost instantly).

What a difference it can make!

The area is then water-pressure cleaned to remove the residue and any stubborn marks…The results are impressive and your property looks as good as new!

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Got an unsightly bore water stain?

Bore staining, also known as bore water stain, is a build up of iron oxide (rust), commonly found in low lying areas, that utilise a below ground bore pump for water supply (generally for irrigation purposes).


The water contains an amount of iron oxide and when allowed to dry forms a light brown tinge on the surface. Over time and multiple applications (reticulation spraying a wall many times) the colour of the bore stain begins to darken…the more applications, the darker it becomes.


Over the years we have developed bore stain removal techniques, that will make your property look as good as new!


These are caused, often in low lying areas, by the effects of utilising a below ground bore pump to access a water supply.


This is frequently to provide a source for much-needed irrigation. The results are so noticeable – a brown tinge disfiguring a wall, one that often darkens over time.


The cause of this is the iron oxide in the water source drying onto the surface of the brick wall or paving, as well as affecting other areas such as concrete, signage and fences. We’ve even found this residue on vehicles!

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