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    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 128 MB.

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paver cleaning

Bucket with cleaning products

Essential spring cleaning tips to make your house dazzle

With the sun starting to shine again and temperatures still mild, spring is the best time of year to get your house in order. If you’re noticing the cobwebs building up, or feel like you’re drowning in clutter, maybe it’s time to get stuck into a good old spring clean. Nothing is more satisfying than doing some thorough spring cleaning, then standing back and seeing the end result. It can truly make your home so much more liveable and loveable, plus it’s an activity that can get the whole family involved. While at first, it can seem like a time-consuming or labour-intensive undertaking, with the right tips and tricks, you’ll be able to see your home sparkle in no time. Whether you want to tackle the whole house from top-to-bottom or take on one part of the home that’s been niggling at you, these tips will help you get it done (with a little bit of elbow grease on your part, of course).   Make a checklist and prioritise It can feel overwhelming to know where to start, especially when there are so many jobs to be done. So start by breaking it up room by room, also dividing by inside and outside. Create a spring cleaning checklist, with roles assigned for each room, area, or task. Divide and conquer! You’ll also want to prioritise your tasks so you can stay motivated. You might not finish all of it in one go or in the time you’d hoped – and that’s ok! Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither was a perfectly clean and organised home.   Declutter and tidy Rule number one – cleaning follows tidying. Because it’s hard (and sometimes impossible!) to clean an untidy or cluttered space when there’s excess furniture, trinkets, and objects in the way, accumulating dust and stopping you from seeing or reaching what needs to be cleaned. It can be liberating to let go of excess clutter, but you don’t need to go full-on Marie Kondo. Start with something simple like a wardrobe cleanout, or going through boxes of things you’ve accumulated. You could also benefit from throwing out the crusty and expired bathroom products, or identifying some excess furniture and pieces you’ve got in storage.  Sometimes, a good old-fashioned garage sale is what you need to bring the decluttering to a head. It can be a relieving way of letting go of large amounts of ‘stuff’ you no longer need but may have held onto. Plus, when you see it all together it can really put things into perspective! There are also bound to be many things you don’t want to or can’t let go of – that’s a given. The best way to tackle this is to look at storage solutions. No matter the room or space, if you’re aimlessly piling things on top of one another without a home for them, then there’s a better way. There are so many new and unique options out there to stack, store and save room all over the house. You’ll thank yourself later for all the time you save finding things easily. In some cases, the sheer amount of clutter we accumulate can become completely overwhelming or even dangerous. If it feels this way, why not talk to Kleenit about our hoarding cleaning services? We can help you ‘move on’ and create a space that’s liveable once more.   Tackle the simple cleaning tasks Once you’ve got a space that’s tidy and clutter-free, it’s time to get cleaning. These are some of the simple tasks that you can tackle regardless of space. Dusting and surface cleaning. Many people forget to dust on a regular basis, and we don’t blame you. But accumulating dust can have a negative effect on your health, so it’s vital to stay on top of it. Don’t forget the skirting boards and light fittings! Deep clean your appliances. Maybe your oven has got some lasagna permanently baked into it. Perhaps the inside of your dishwasher has seen better (and less smelly) days. Or there’s a certain ‘tang’ every time you open the fridge door. Take all everything out, and get cleaning right at the source. Spot the hidden spots. It can be easy to overlook the insides of cupboards and cabinets, or under the furniture. Out of sight, out of mind right? Sometimes you’ll need to look beyond the surface or move things around to find the areas in most need of a clean. Scrub-a-dub-dub. Tiles and wet areas in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry can hide a sea of dirt and grime in plain sight. So get an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush out and get to it! Shower curtains also often go overlooked and are can be in desperate need of a wash. Don’t just vacuum – mop. This one speaks for itself. Floorboards or tiles might seem ‘clean’ to the naked eye, but can be hiding stains and smells – so don’t forget to get the mop and bucket out.   Enlist professionals for the ‘too-big’ jobs Some jobs can feel too great to tackle alone, especially when it comes to exterior house cleaning. Maybe the garage or driveway have a few stubborn oil stains that won’t come off, or it’s too hard to reach certain areas to get the gunk or cobwebs off. Perhaps bore water stains have turned your home look an unsightly shade of orange or the gutters are chock-a-block. If you find yourself stuck in one of these situations, that’s where you should call the professionals in. At Kleenit, we are specialists in pressure washing and exterior house cleaning. Walls, roofs, gutters, driveways – the Kleenit crew will clean the lot for you with our house washing service. We can also help you with patio cleaning, paver cleaning and deck washing, so regardless of the task, consider it taken care of. Enlisting us to tackle these tricky chores are one of the most efficient ways to spruce up the outside of your home to look shinier and more beautiful than ever. There also might be other big tasks like the pool needing a serious clean, large tree branches that need lopping, or even a garden revamp on the cards. Whatever it is, if you feel in over your head – we recommend calling in the experts. We’ve seen people time and time again make silly mistakes when trying to tackle a job that’s beyond them. Trust us – it’s not worth the hassle if you get it wrong! We hope these tips will help you on your spring cleaning journey. Remember, every little bit adds up! If you’re interested to see how we can help assist with your spring clean, get in touch with us today.

Driveway Cleaning

4 reasons to high-pressure driveway cleaning

Without a doubt, one of our favourite jobs here at Kleenit is a request for a super-clean, just-like-new driveway. Whether it’s made of brick, pavers, concrete or something else, we have the high-pressure cleaning experience, equipment and ability to get that driveway looking like it’s just been laid. But why bother ordering us for driveway cleaning? Is it really that important? Is it worth the time and money? Street appeal is your property mojo Did you know that a huge factor when assessing the value of a home is how it looks from the front? That’s because when you’re selling, many people will be instantly turned off by something as unsightly as an old driveway. On the other hand, it could be one of the ‘first impressions’ that means love at first sight and gets you the house price you’re looking for. Let's talk about safety Something else you might not know is that it’s not just dirt that is making your driveway look dirty. It’s also mould, mildew and even algae – and do you know what happens when these microorganisms get wet? That’s right, they get slippery. And whether it’s your kids, your grandparents or yourself, you don’t particularly want accidents on a driveway greased with oil, fungus and moss, do you? Cleaner driveways mean healthier homes It’s also important to point out that all that dirt, mould, mildew and algae can even be a health risk. The most common health problems caused by this combination are respiratory in nature – and if it’s all over your driveway, chances are it will be all over your shoes… and all over your carpet. So just like you get your carpet professionally cleaned once in a while, it’s also really important to organise some driveway cleaning now and then. Property preservation and longevity Just like you clean your car to look after the paint job, the same is true of your driveway. Your home is your most valuable asset, and a properly looked after driveway will simply last decades and decades before needing to be completely re-done. Further preservation of your driveway can be obtained by applying a sealing or coating, creating a barrier that will keep your homefront in pristine condition and easier to maintain

Pressure Cleaning

What are the dangers of pressure cleaning?

Highly effective, potentially dangerous High-pressure cleaners are highly efficient at cleaning and removing stains from driveways to bricks. Anything from oil stain or paint removal, to gutter and roof cleaning jobs, can benefit from a high- pressure cleaning service. Pressure cleaners are versatile and offer a great range of solutions for both home and business cleaning tasks. While it’s feasible to buy or hire a high-pressure water cleaner system for your cleaning tasks, it’s good to remember that the cleaning system is, in fact, dangerous when not used correctly, or used by someone inexperienced. There are many dangers of using high-pressure cleaners when you haven’t previously received safety training in how to use high-pressure tools. It’s best to take the risk seriously and enlist the help of a professional to get the job done in a safe and effective manner. Risks are for real Pressure washers use either a gas hose or electric motor to boost water pressure anywhere from 30 to 80 times higher than a normal washer. That’s one powerful cleaner. While extremely good at making cleaning tasks a breeze, you need to consider possible risks when using a pressure system. Potential damage can range from bruises to laceration, skin damage, and eye damage when the spray is misdirected. Thousands of people are admitted to hospital each year as a result of pressure water usage – a shocking statistic considering that the majority of these injuries could have been avoided by appropriate training or use of professional services. Potential injury risk can even range as far as electrocution. When customers don’t take the risk seriously, or treat these tools as toys, accidents are bound to occur. Safe to say, it’s best to hire a professional for high-pressure cleaning services. When selecting a company for your high-pressure cleaning job, what you want to look for is a reputable company that is both reliable and highly experienced in these tasks. Kleenit is a highly experienced company with a variety of cleaning solutions to suit your needs. When you’re in need of a high-quality pressure cleaning service, give Kleenit a call today to discuss your cleaning job.