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Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx.

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How to choose the right floor coating type for you?

Floor coatings, a good investment to stand on!Many people underestimate the value of their floor. It is the lowest thing to look at when entering a house or building and it often doesn’t stand out until it does for all the wrong reasons.A floor can be absolutely stunning and a masterpiece in any room, building or factory, but if it is not taken care of it can look unsightly and be dangerous to walk, push things or even drive across.The term 'floor coatings' is a general reference to the type of paint or sealer applied to a floor surface, and should generally be administered by an expert who can recognise which type of coating or kit needs to be implemented, and more importantly, knows how to apply it and comply with MSDS requirements.With so many types of floor coatings, how do we choose the best one?There is no such thing as 'the best floor coating' as their performance depends on its final use and many external factors that can affect positively or negatively the final results, for example, epoxies are an excellent choice for garage floors and warehouses, but it has disadvantages when used around dairy products or floors with higher percentages of humidity, many have learned this the hard way.First, understand your floor purpose: Each type of floor coating is specific to its required use as this will determine what is suitable and what is not.For example, an epoxy floor coating would generally be used in a factory or workshop floor, a metallic epoxy on a home interior, whilst an acrylic sealer or a non-slip, may be used on a garage floor.Second: Ask yourself questions like What are the temperatures the room is exposed to? What are the traffic conditions? Is it industrial, commercial or residential? What is the heavier the load that the surface will support? which materials or chemicals will be in contact with the floor? who are the people that will be using the floor? are they seniors, kids or have any disability? Has the floor been prepared prior to the coating application?There are many different types of floor coatings that are suited for different floors, but they all serve the same purpose; to keep the floor clean, protect it from damage and heighten the safety of those who cross the floors. One word of advice, do not rush, study the floor characteristics and plan ahead to ensure the correct adhesion and obtain good longevity.Third: Whichever type of floor coating you need, Kleenit have the expertise and knowledge to recommend the type of coating required, prepare the floor correctly to ensure adhesion, and then apply the coating correctly and professionally.KLEENIT ARE APPROVED APPLICATORS, RECOMMENDED BY THE MANUFACTURER, FOR MANY FLOOR COATING SUPPLIERS INCLUDING DULUX, JOTUN AND I COAT TO NAME BUT A FEW.Famous for being versatile, epoxy floor coatings are excellent for floors that may be subject to chemical and oil spills. Common in industrial industries, epoxy floor coatings bond very well to floors made of concrete and are known to last a long time.Epoxy floor coatingsEpoxy flooring is considered the ultimate floor coating, providing a great range of benefits. The term epoxy denotes merely the type of resin mix that the “paint” is made from.It is generally a two pack kit that means part A and part B of the product are mixed together and then form a tough, durable finish when cured.Epoxy floors are well known for their excellent chemical resistance properties and are capable of withstanding spills from oils, detergents, and other contaminants however epoxy floors might fail under certain circumstances such as in contact with dairy products.Epoxy floors are hygienic and very hard wearing, and bond extremely well to concrete floors, especially when concrete prepared adequately and moisture problems fixed before its application.Choose any epoxy floor colour, but first ...The application of a floor coating on a garage, basement or warehouse requires the services of a professional who understands the nature and potential problems of every surface, prior to application.The surface needs to be completely cleaned and free from grease before any floor coating is applied. This will generally involve high-pressure cleaning or even acid etching.The floor coating is then generally applied in two stages…a primer first, followed by a number of coats of the final product.Anti slip floors are more complex in their application, and strict methods should be adhered to, to ensure the required Anti-slip texture rating (R rating) is achieved from the beginning and it is kept for years to come.Cleaning methods, application methods, coupled with drying times and strict recoat times are all critical to achieving a perfect result, and thus floor coatings of any kind whether they be epoxy floors, polyurethane floors, or simply concrete painting, should only be carried out by personnel who are aware of all these factors.Warehouse and factory coatingsSpecially designed paints and coverings are available on the market to protect factory floors. These can include anti-graffiti paints, anti-slip floor coatings or even concrete floor finishes.Kleenit floor coating and protective coating experts have a floor paint or epoxy flooring for practically every situation and surface, from anti-graffiti paint for residential walls, to concrete paint on driveways, to protection with anti-slip floor coatings or complete factory floor coatings with epoxy floor coatings or concrete floor finishes, Kleenit can offer the lot.Kleenit has a long and proven track record in the epoxy floor covering and polyurethane floor coating arena. Kleenit is often recommended by product manufacturers as their recognised applicator and have a wealth of experience with anti-graffiti paint too.Expert companies such as Kleenit will be able to recommend the best coating for any factory floor.Polyurea floor resinsThis type of floor coating works on both internal and external floors. It is slip-resistant and has UV capabilities to make it last longer. Polyurea floor coating is common in garages, kitchens, warehouses, decks and even patiosKleenit uses only industry-leading, innovative Polyurea technologies. Polyurea seamless coatings for all internal & external floor surfaces. Internal floor coatings can be high gloss decorative or resilient hard-wearing while external surface coatings can achieve high Anti-Slip resistance and full UV stability.Our high-performance topcoats are food-grade non-porous and exceptionally strong so our coatings do not require regular 'sealing' like most other floor coating systems Polyurea Floor Coatings for Internal Service.When and where to apply polyurea coatings?This type of floor covering works on both internal and external floors. It is slip resistant and has UV capabilities to make it last longer. Polyurea floor coating is common in garages, kitchens, warehouses, decks and even patios.Kleenit uses only industry-leading, innovative Polyurea technologies.Polyurea seamless coatings for all internal & external floor surfaces. Internal floor coatings can be high gloss decorative or resilient hard wearing while external surface paint layers can achieve high Anti-Slip resistance and full UV stability.Epoxy flooring for garages and other interiorsEpoxy products are great for a garage, but we have seen a lot epoxy flooring failing or peeling due to a poor surface preparation, cheap paint, or the area reaction with vehicle tyres.Our high-performance top coats are food grade non-porous and exceptionally strong so our coverings do not require regular “sealing” like most other floor coating systems Polyurea Floor Coatings or epoxies for Internal Services:Garage Floors Kitchen Floors Showrooms Shop Floors Workshops Chemical Rooms Churches Distribution Centres WarehousesPolyurea floor coverings for exteriorsPolyurea Floor Coatings for External Surfaces:Driveways Car Parks Pathways Decks Pool Surfaces Pool Decks Stair Cases PatiosAnti-slip floor coatingsAnti-slip floor coatings have become a necessity in almost all industrial and commercial workplaces. The coating surface is slightly roughened which prevents slipping and increases stability. Anyone who is interested in safety should invest in anti-slip floor coatings.There are so many different types of floor coating for every possible need. It is a no-brainer that everyone, particularly workplaces, should coat their floor with an adequate coating. To decipher the best one for your needs, chat to an expert at Kleenit today.Protective paintsKleenit has a range of gloss or matte protective paints available to protect many different things from the harshness of the Australian climate, or from heavy traffic or machinery.Whatever it is you need protecting, Kleenit has the answer.Water tanks Bitumen & concrete delivery trucks Steelwork Workshop Floors Heritage Buildings Murals Concrete surfaces Statues and monumentsWhich floor coatings give the vest results and value for money?Remember the phrase, ' The quality of the finish is only as good as the preparation?' This is a fact.Don’t risk the possibility of a substandard finish on your factory floor or garage floor because of the need for specialist surface preparation or incorrect product application.Let Kleenit’s team of floor coating experts assist you all the way. Kleenit have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your floor is both prepared AND coated in the correct manner, ensuring the best floor coating results every time.

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